How to Set the Mood for Valentine’s Day 2021

Article published at: Feb 3, 2021 Article tag: featured-posts
Set the Mood for Valentine’s Day 2021
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2020 was definitely a whirlwind of events. It’s almost been a year since COVID-19 outbreak started. After a roller coaster of events that went down last year, this coming Valentine’s day is the perfect time to celebrate love. Treat your significant other to a surprise date or if you’re happily single, February 14 is the perfect time to celebrate, unwind, and show some love to your friends, family, and yourself. Celebrate the love we all truly deserve this Valentine’s day 2021 with our gift box. Whether virtual or face-to-face, you are never wrong with some wine and candle light to set the Valentine’s mood. Check out our Valentine’s day bundle that we put together for your date night! On top of flowers and cakes you may have picked up already, WINE not ponder on this list for some fine wine selections?

1. Cloudy Bay Sauvignon Blanc 

- Known to be a great value find filled with bright selection of fruity notes, sharp citrus, stone fruits, and lemongrass!

2. Yellow Tail Pink Moscato

- Sweet wine with strawberry flavors, hints of sherbet and delicate floral notes. This wine has a fine and enticing fizz with a vibrant fresh softness on the palate.

3. Barefoot Merlot

- Bursting with rich flavors of juicy cherries, boysenberries, sweet plums, and sweet chocolate. This is a classic red wine with one bold personality.

4. Moet & Chardon Imperial Brut

- With actual balance of Chardonnay and Pinot Mineur, this has become one of the world’s most loved champagne. It’s recognized for its bright fruitiness and elegant maturity. Spice up the mood by serving a bottle of champagne. 

When it’s about setting the mood for Valentine’s Day, celebrating all forms of love with these gift sets is the way to go. After all we’ve been through last year, more love is what we need the most this year! Order your booze now.