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Don Papa Rum is the spirit of Sugarlandia. A premium aged rum from the Philippines. Created on the fertile foothills of Mt. Kanlaon, where the finest sugarcane is milled to produce sweet, rich molasses.

Discover Don Papa Rums:

  • Light and fruity on the nose, smooth and delicate on the mouth, with a long textured finish, Don Papa 7yo has a light amber colour and offers flavours of vanilla, honey and candied fruits.
  • Deep, rich and powerful on the nose, with a delightful tingle on the mouth.
    Don Papa 10yo has a dark amber color and offers flavors of dried fruits, cacao, and just a hint of oak.

Don Papa Rum 7yo 700ml

₱1,649.00 ₱1,399.00

Don Papa Rum 10yo 700ml

₱2,549.00 ₱2,166.00

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Don Papa Sherry Cask Limited Edition 700ml

Don Papa Rare Cask 700ml

₱5,349.00 ₱4,546.00

Don Papa Masskara 700ml

₱1,449.00 ₱1,231.00