6 Facts About Pinoy Food + Pairings with Boozy Drinks

Article published at: Aug 21, 2021 Article tag: featured-posts
6 facts About Pinoy Food + Pairings with Boozy Drinks
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Celebrate the small moments in life with Boozy and your favorite Filipino Dishes. Nothing gets you in the celebratory mood with Boozy’s top drinks and good food. As we celebrate the culture and history of our Filipino Language, here are a few food pairings that will definitely leave you saying “ang sarap!” 

1. Pork Adobo x Codorniu NV Rose D.O. Cava 750ml 

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Adobo is arguably the national dish of our country. It’s so simple to make yet very flavorful. There is no doubt that this classic will make you get another cup of rice. The flavor of soy sauce, vinegar, black peppercorns, and bay leaves come to a harmony in this dish. Pair your adobo cravings with a bottle of Codorniu NV Rose. This delicate rose bottle is sweet and smooth from aroma to taste. It has the aroma of fresh citrus fruits and has notes of pastries on the mouth. This pairing is definitely a must-try since it’s a contrast of savoury in one meal. 

2. Sweet Kakanin x Barefoot White Zinfandel 750ml

Craving for something sweet during merienda? Get yourself a bite of these rice delicacies made to please your appetite right before dinner. Whether it’s puto, bibingka, kutsinta, or pichi-pichi these delicacies will surely hit the right spot for your midday cravings. Get the perfect partner for your merienda with Barefoot White Zinfadel. Experience the sweet flavors of sun-kissed strawberries and Georgia Peaches with every sip of this spirit. It perfectly compliments the richness of the kakanin and a soothing way to cleanse your palette. 

3. Pork Liempo x Apothic Red 750ml

Filipinos are known to be pork lovers. Almost every dish has a variation with pork as its protein. But one of the standouts has to be the crispy pork liempo. This dish is a favorite by many because it’s so flavorful, crispy, and juicy at the same time. Each bite brings back memories of a hot summer day by the beach or the pool with your friends and family. Enjoy this savory meal with a bottle of Apothic Red wine. This bottle features rich Zinfandel smooth merlot, flavorful Syrah, and bold Cabernet Sauvignon to create that dark red fruit hint with notes of mocha.

4. Caldereta x EDC Poker Tempranillo 750ml 

Caldereta is known to be the famous stew dish that uses tomato as its sauce for that sweet yet savory flavor that it has. Mostly cooked with beef, potatoes, carrots, and bell pepper for a whole and hearty experience. To take your caldereta up a notch, people would add cheese and bake the dish to melt and fuse the cheese with the stew.  EDC Poker Tempranillo would be a good companion for your rich caldereta dish. It’s strong and tasty on the mouth with aromas that give hints of caramel and fresh grape. A strong dish of caldereta deserves a strong spirit to match the flavor of each bite. Imagine that rich and creamy caldereta on top of a bed of warm rice and to be met by the bold flavors of EDC Poker Tempranillo, definitely a classic in the making.

5. Sisig x Penfolds Koonunga Hill Autumn Riesling 750ml

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Sisig is arguably the best “pulutan” meal out there. It’s a staple in menus of different bars and restaurants that offer alcohol. This list would never be complete until we put a sisig entry in. This glorious dish hails from Pampanga when its founder, Aling Lucing, accidentally burns an order of pig’s ear. She decides to chop the burnt pig’s ear and serve it to her customers and to her surprise they ended up liking it. Now sisig has reached its peak popularity with different bars and restos having their own variation of sisig. But to its core, sisig is all about the pork, the vinegar, and the onions. Simple but definitely satisfying. Adding Penfolds Koonunga Hill Autumn Riesling to your sizzling plate of sisig enhances the whole dining experience. It contrasts the savory, saltiness, and sourness of the sisig with its smooth sweet syrup and toffee flavor. Light on the palette yet filled with rich flavors. Craving for sisig just became more fun with this pairing. 

6. Pancit Guisado x Seaglass Riesling 750ml

A party and merienda staple, Pancit Guisado is one of the Filipino favorites because of its flavor, texture, and because it’s easy to share. This noodle stir-fry dish captured the heart of Filipinos because it’s easy to make and serves a lot. Bring out the best blouse from all over the country with different variations of pancit. But no matter what type of pancit you’re preparing one thing’s for sure, pancit brings people together. Enjoy a plate of pancit with a bottle of Seaglass Riesling for that refreshingly smooth blend of ripe apricot, sweet peaches, and tropical fruit hints. It’s also light on the nose with floral aromas. You wouldn’t mind getting another serving of pancit and another glass after experiencing this pairing. 

Our Filipino culture and culinary history are filled with different backgrounds, flavors, and stories. But amidst this vast diversity, the common notion of bringing people together for a meal is constant. We are united by these flavors and spirits that get us through our daily lives. Celebrate the power and significance of culture, food, spirits, and companionship with these food pairings that will definitely leave you wanting for more.