Urban Bar Ginza Jigger US Copper

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Add some colour to your mixology with this copper plated Japanese style jigger measure.

Influenced by Japanese mixology, this Ginza Jigger Measure boasts a polished copper plating. With this copper jigger injected in to your mixology process, you have a new aesthetic and higher precision.

This double sided bar jigger will help you measure 25ml and 50ml of cocktail ingredients. In each cup is internal measure lines to further increase your accuracy. The Ginza Jigger has lines at 15ml, 25ml, and 45ml to cater for smaller half measures.

Made from high grade Japanese steel, the Ginza Jigger emulates the premium quality of real Japanese barware. Lightweight and robust, this copper jigger makes mixology more fluid and will help you refine your drinks service.

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