The BaR Pink Gin 700ml


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Take your gin to the next level with The Bar Premium Gin, a world-class gin infused with imported botanicals from Spain that gives it a delicious burst of flavor not found in local gin products. The Bar Premium Gin comes in three variants: Pink with flavors of mixed berries, Green infused with lime flavors, and Premium Dry infused with imported botanicals. The Bar Premium Gin is not only far better but also different. Now you have a choice. A gin that is made for you. The Bar Premium Gin. The gin for the new generation.

SERVE: The Bar Pink Gin & Soda

A berry-licious mix for The BaR Pink Gin.Try this recipe out! 


45 ml The BaR Premium Pink Gin

135 ml tonic water or clear soda

Sliced strawberries


In a glass, mix The BaR Premium Pink Gin and tonic water or clear soda.

Fill with lots of ice.

Top with sliced strawberries.