Tanqueray No.10 Gin 700ml

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We proudly introduce you to Tanqueray No. TEN®, the finest-tasting spirit. Crafted in the small No. 10 still, Tanqueray No. TEN is distilled with fresh citrus for a brighter taste. A gin like no other, Tanqueray No. TEN elevates every cocktail.

ABV: 47.3%


Pink Grapefruit • Citrus • Lemon • Lime • Juniper • Coriander • Wheat • Spicy • Liquorice

SERVE: Tanqueray No.Ten Gin & Tonic

Try this recipe out! 

How to make it:

Add ice to a copa glass and pour in 50ml of Tanqueray No. Ten. Add 150ml of premium tonic water, garnish with a slice of pink grapefruit and stir.

You will need: Tanqueray No. Ten, Premium Tonic, pink grapefruit, ice and Copa glass.

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