Skyy Vodka 750ml
Skyy Vodka 750ml
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• Born in San Francisco. A vodka like no other, made with water enhanced by pacific minerals.
• Fresh like the ocean it was inspired by. SKYY is now made with water enhanced with Pacific Minerals, sourced from the San Francisco Bay Area and is filtered through California Limestone. It’s also quadruple-distilled for a taste as smooth as the tide rolling out to sea.
• We're a state of mind. Inspired by the pure, clean essence of the San Francisco coast, SKYY delivers a lighter, fresher-tasting vodka & soda with character.
• Made with water enhanced by Pacific Minerals, quadruple-distilled and triple-filtered. A fresher,
smoother vodka & soda.

With its launch in San Francisco in 1992, SKYY redefined vodka as the world knew it. We sought to make the perfect martini, and as a result, created an exceptionally smooth vodka.

Since our founding, we’ve always been guided by San Francisco’s forward-thinking mindset. We pioneered a state-of-the-art quadruple-distillation and triple-filtration process.

When most vodkas came in clear, Russian-style bottles, SKYY Vodka revolutionized the category with the launch of our iconic cobalt blue bottle.

Now, we’re breaking the mold again. For the first time since our 1992 beginnings, we’re reimagining our vodka inside and out. To achieve this, we’ve brought together a diverse team of experts – a water sommelier, chemist and expert bartender – to take our original liquid to new heights.

Where others have chosen to distil out character, we’ve chosen to innovate by giving our liquid a character-adding twist with water enhanced by minerals, including Pacific Minerals sourced from the San Francisco Bay Area. This is intended to give our liquid a subtle salinity and minerality and enhance the mouthfeel and fresh taste of our SKYY & Soda with a grapefruit twist, SKYY’s signature pour.

Always quadruple-distilled and triple-filtered- including filtration through California Limestone – SKYY’s new liquid is encapsulated in a beautiful coastal blue bottle inspired by the natural elements of San Francisco.

The result is a smooth, gluten-free and fresher tasting vodka that not only adds character to any cocktail, but also raises the bar on the vodka & soda.


ABV: 40%

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Alex Cz
Beuatiful bottle and vodka at a good price

I usually stay on Absolute (or Agimat!) but knew my jowa like this bottle... and it's a fine vodka at a great price. And looks great on your barcart.

Elmer Ecleo

I love the product very much same as the delivery service.

Sherman Burwell
Great vodka

This is my favorite vodka that can be purchased here.

Kim Hansen
All good

we got everything very fast at great prices

C margarita sibal

Skyy Vodka 750ml