Septima Sauvignon Blanc 750ml


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Septima Sauvignon Blanc is grown in some of Argentina's finest vineyard areas that lie over 1100 metres above sea level. Such a height allows the vines cool periods from the heat which are so critical in maintaining the racy, fresh acidity and flavours. The grapes are also picked in the cool times of day and, at different times during the long harvest. Such a process ensures that Septima make the very best of the complex flavours within the developing grapes across the vintage in their final blend.


The nose gives off hints of pink grapefruit and limes which follow through into the taste. It also has a lemony and passion fruit flavour that gives a soft overall citrus style. The acidity is crisp and clean and there is an elegance to the wine that is very fresh - no wonder it wins awards.


Such a clean crisp wine is great on its own but also excellent with seafoods, fish and salads. Serve chilled, relax and enjoy.

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Mike Blanch
New discovery

It’s crisp and clean, a scent of grapefruit and limes. I take it even with a good steak meal.

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