Russel's Reserve Single Barrel 750ml


  • Russel's Reserve Single Barrel 750ml -
  • Russel's Reserve Single Barrel 750ml

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• COLOR: Rich copper.
• AROMA: Dark fruits, caramel toffee, oak with spices.
• TASTE: Caramel, vanilla and oak lead the way, but subside to reveal the fruity notes, with subtle floral notes and rye spices.
• FINISH: A long finish, with the vanilla, oak and spices gently lingering on the palate.

With roots going back to 1869, Wild Turkey Bourbon is a super-premium American bourbon, made in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky by Master Distiller Jimmy Russell and his son Eddy Russell. Chosen from the heart of the Wild Turkey rick house and featuring a level four alligator char on the barrels, this rich, creamy toffee, and vanilla tasting bourbon is individually bottled at 110 proof and non-chill filtered to guarantee maximum flavour.

In homage of Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell's time and success with the brand, Russell's Reserve was originally created as a limited edition 10-year-old, 101 proof bourbon. Since then the brand has developed further expressions and is now distilled by father and son duo Jimmy and Eddie Russell, creating a range of whiskeys that meet their personal tastes.

With an ABV of 55%, Russell's Reserve Single Barrel is a higher-end bourbon, in the single barrel category -- although it has no age statement -- is aged for at least 8 years.

SIGNATURE SERVE: Neat or on the rocks
Pour 45ml of Russell's Reserve Single Barrel into a rock glass. Add ice or enjoy neat.

ABV: 55%

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Customer Reviews

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Emely Lamug

Prefect Bourbon and fast delivery!!

Kyle Anthony Martin
Russel’s Reserve

A little bit bothered on the condition of the bottle, dirty and has scratches on the sticker. Nonetheless, everything’s good. Thanks!

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