Nordes Gin 700ml

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Nordes is a Galician gin inspired by the eponymous fresh northerly Atlantic wind. Made using pomace from Albarino grapes, the botanicals include juniper, ginger, hibiscus and liquorice, resulting in a unique and intriguing gin.

A fruity gin, with a unique, surprising and completely different recipe to other types of gin.


Sage • Laurel • Verbena Herb • Eucalyptus • Peppermint • Glasswort • Juniper • Ginger • Cardamom • Hibiscus flower • Black tea


For the preparation of this Nordés gin and tonic, we suggest to always serve in a wide glass with a lot of ice, and to add the ingredients in the following proportions: we start with 5 cl of Nordés gin and 20 cl of natural tonic water. Lastly, we garnish with 3 white grapes. The grapes reinforce the nuances of the albariño wine distillate that is present in the gin and defines an ideal mixed drink to be enjoyed in good company.