Nikka Pure Malt 700ml


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One of Nikka’s signature products to showcase our way of blending and perfecting flavors. Gentle malt flavor, fruitiness and extremely well-balanced taste make it a perfect entry point into the world of Nikka.


Spicy • Floral • Caramel • Cinnamon • Vanilla • Nutmeg • Oak • Fruit • Sherry

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A good introduction to Japanese whisky

Nose: smoky (charcoal), ash, hint of citrus (lime zest), rich caramel, brown sugar with a bit of butter

Palatte: spicy, peppery smoke, hint of caramel, sliced apple

Finish: medium finish with hints of caramelized onions/shallots, fuji apple, spice (black pepper) and a bit of smoke in the background

Joseph Yu

Nikka Pure Malt 700ml

Simple Man's Review

The Opening:
Most of the Nikka Whisky uses plastic cap instead of a wood cork. They believe the plastic seal holds up better than the wood cork.
Plastic seal caps also eliminates the posibilities of influence taste from the wood cork, wood cork rotting.

The Color:
The color is very light amber, somewhat light Gold

The Aroma, Nosing:
Very delicious, very inviting, fruity and malty nose. Very pleasing on nose, sweetness lingers and fades
Bit apples, sweet citrus...

The Taste - Neat:
Sweetness, sugar sweetness, a hint of tangerine, rich texture if you hold it in your mouth a bit.
a hint of Vanilla fudge, its finish a bit of dryness, hint of smokey wood...

The Strengths:
There a lot of respect for this whisky for the whisky forum. Due to its complex and very pleasing taste.
This is a very good whisky, a pride of Nikka due to complexity taste.

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