Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt 700ml

ABV: 45%

Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt 700ml

ABV: 45%

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Miyagikyo Single Malt is described as soft and fruity. Using less peaty malt, this whisky is distilled in a pot still heated by indirect steam at a low temperature. Miyagikyo Single Malt has an elegant fruitiness and a distinctive aroma with a strong Sherry cask influence.


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Maddie Ibuna
Bought for a gift

Bought the booze as a gift and got it without the hour. Express service was top notch. Perfect for emergency gifts

Simple Man's Review

Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt - Simple Man's Silent Review

Nikka Miyagikyo Single Malt
45% ABV 700ml

No age statement for this Whisky

From Nikka’s second distillery that was built in 1969, let me present to you the Miyagikyo Single Malt.

The Packaging:
Got this from local LCBO in Whitby, Ontario, Canada.
I was surprised that this Imported Whisky doesn't come with any box or any packaging.

The Bottle:
The bottle has straight body with thick glass. It has a screw type bottle ring or the bottle head. This Whisky uses screw plastic cap instead of a traditional cork cap.
Screw caps are mostly common on high end Japanese whiskys and old school single malts.

The Opening:
For me, its satisfying to open the whisky with a cork cap, when you twist the cork cap and snap it to open. The friction of the cork and the
bottle bore produces a satisfying and enticing sound...

The Aroma, Nosing:
Rich elegant fruity, sweet, strong Sherry cask influence. Very little peat.
I like it due to abundant of sweetness and fruitiness to the nose.

The Taste:
A bit different on what it smells like. Very nice contrast...
a bit of mix nuts in the arrival with spicy finished. A hint of smokiness, bit dry.

Should i buy this again:
Yes, I love the nose and the finishing on the taste of spicyness.
A very well made Whisky. I like it and its also 45% ABV.

Simple Man's Score: 89/100

Andrew Tajon
My Weekend Whisky

If you fancy the taste of Johnnie Walker Gold Reserve, this takes it to the extreme! Fruitiness, well balanced sweetness and properly bottled whisky which you wouldn’t notice even if it’s 45% ABV.

As the title of the review says it, this is the whisky I enjoy on weekends.

I hope people here don’t read my review as this might go out of stock! Also, the demand for Nikka whiskies is far greater than the supply.