Larios 12 Premium Gin 700ml

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Larios is dryer and smoother than a traditional London Dry and is characterised by its fresh aroma and delicate citrus flavours. The palate is clean with a lingering finish that tantalises the tastebuds. Larios became a well known brand in the 1980's where its elegant simplicity lent itself well to making long drinks and cocktails.


Wild Juniper • Coriander Seeds • Nutmeg • Orange Blossom • Angelica Root • Lime • Mediterranean Orange • Mediterranean Lemon • Tangerine • Grapefruit



5cl Larios 12
20cl Tonic
Orange wedge
Orange blossom


Fill the glass with abundant ice, twist a little bit of lime and pass it over the edge of the glass.

Remove the ice by making circles to cool the glass and the lime will impregnate it with flavor.

Serve 5cl of Larios 12 and add the tonic.

Finish with an orange corkscrew and orange blossom.