White Walker by Johnnie Walker Limited Edition 700ml

ABV: 41.7%

White Walker by Johnnie Walker Limited Edition 700ml

ABV: 41.7%

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Johnnie Walker is proud to present this limited-edition Scotch whisky, inspired by the most enigmatic and feared characters on the hit HBO® show Game of Thrones - the White Walkers.

Created by whisky specialist George Harper, alongside the small team of expert blenders at Johnnie Walker, this innovative whisky is best served directly from the freezer, echoing the chilling presence of the White Walkers.


Try this recipe out! 

Savour the sweet profile of White Walker by Johnnie Walker.

• Fill a frozen highball with ice cubes 
• Add 50ml White Walker by Johnnie Walker 
• Add 150ml ginger or soda 
• Garnish with fresh mint & a lemon twist

*A serve contains 16 grams of alcohol

*Do not forward to those under legal age of drinking. Drink Responsibly.

Vanilla • Spicy • Caramel • Cinnamon • Oak• Dried Fruit • Smoky • Sweet • Butterscotch

Customer Reviews

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Jino E.
Legit seller.

Delivered on time even at province.
Finally completed my JW GOT edition.

miguel mendoza

White Walker by Johnnie Walker Limited Edition 700ml

Interesting take -- at least to try.

Some would say that the whiskey experience would be dampened by chilling/ice. By reducing the volatility of the alcohol, you lose a lot of the flavors and aroma typically had.

But JW WW gives a unique experience in that I've found that it's a BETTER drink chilled than at room air. As is, it tends to be somewhere between a red label and black label: Strong, almost astringent, young. But once chilled, you'll be able to get much more tasting notes, of sweetness, vanilla, butterscotch, with some mint and spice without the alcohol sting taking the forefront.

The downside to drinking whisky chilled is that you won't be able to take your time with it, as you'll find yourself rushing to finish the drink before it warms up.

This is a try before you buy thing -- maybe in a local pub or bar. I found the experience very enjoyable. But it may not be for everyone. If you're a collector, or you love GOT, it's a much more easy buy.

Glicerio Alarkon
Mediocre drink in a Fancy Bottle

the Johnnie Walker WhiteWalker has a nice bottle, wherein it features the night king wearing a top hat, and the details on the bottle itself is amazing (especially the bottlecap). But the drink itself has a weird smoky aftertaste, and it's not that smooth.

In my opinion (you could try it for yourself if you want to risk it) but it's not that worth it, it's like an upgraded version of the Red Label. If you want to put your money's worth, invest in acquiring in a green label or blender's batch instead.

Would buy again for the bottle itself, but not for the contents