Havana Club 3yo 750ml

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Havana Club 3 Años has a light, straw colour that reveals its age: every single drop has aged for a minimum of three years. The nose is a full bouquet of smooth aromas, with hints of oak, molasses and sugar cane. The taste is well-balanced and complex: a sweet, mild, fruity flavour with a light hint of citrus.


Spicy • Vanilla • Banana • Oak • Tobacco • Caramel • Pineapple • Cinnamon • Maple Syrup


Enjoy the sensorial experience of making an authentic Cuban Mojito at home by following our simple “Mix, Muddle, Mix” recipe. Be sure to make enough to share with your friends!

What You Need:

2 Teaspoons white sugar

0.5 Lime

2 Sprigs of mint

45ml Havana Club Anejo 3 anos

90ml Sparkling Water

3 Ice cubes


1. Mix the sugar and the fresh lim juice with a spoon.
2. Muddle the mint sprigs in the sugar and lime mixture.
3. Mix again after adding the Havan Club 3, and ice cubes. Top up with sparkling water.
4. Garnish with a mint sprig and...Salud!