Fernet Branca 700ml

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Fernet Branca ages for at least one year in oak barrels and has a light brown colour with amber hues. Its aroma is intense and penetrating, balanced and rich.


Fernet Branca is a good match for desserts or refined dishes such as "Risotto alla Milanese" or steak tartare.

SERVE: Toronto

This is an excellent variation of the Manhattan and should be served with lemon or orange peel. Try this recipe out! 


1/4 Fernet-Branca
3/4 rye whisky
1 dash of angostura
1/2 spoonful of sugar


Combine the whisky, Fernet and sugar in a glass and fill with crushed ice.

Stir for 20 seconds and squeeze a piece of orange peel above the drink.

Garnish with the same orange peel.