Elderton Golden Semillon 375ml

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  • Elderton Golden Semillon 375ml - Boozy.ph
  • Elderton Golden Semillon 375ml - Boozy.ph

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Origin: Australia

From a 1985-1999 planting of Semillon the vines were cordon cut and the fruit allowed to desiccate for three weeks on the vine. After hand picking it was crushed and held on skins for three days to help extract the flavour from the desiccated berries before pressing. Fermentation was long and slow due to the difficult conditions faced by the yeast. The fermentation was stopped and the wine filtered. The wine was then bottled and matured for release.

Dessert wine, medium-bodied style with a luminescent straw color. Dried pear, apricot, and figs scent with dried pear and apricot marmalade with balancing acid finish taste.


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