Ciroc 750ml

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CÎROC is a truly modern vodka, filled with flavour and style. Lusciously smooth, playfully sophisticated CÎROC is a commitment to superior taste, quality and a fun-loving lifestyle. Perfectly smooth served straight or on the rocks, CÎROC is also perfect in some of your favourite cocktails.

ABV: 40%


Grape • Coconut • Lemon Zest • Zesty • Rye • Berries • Citrus • Peach • Tropical

SERVE: Blue Stone Vodka

Try our classic Blue Stone recipe created with CÎROC lemon juice and vanilla syrup. Stir and enjoy your vodka cocktail!


40ml Ciroc Vodka 
20ml Lemon Juice
10ml Vanilla Syrup
Top up with Soda


1. Build over ice in a highball glass.
2. Garnish with dark grapes.