BuzzBallz Hazelnut Latte 200ml


Indulge in what makes you happy. Get lost in the smooth, nutty flavor of hazelnut java.

Tasting Notes:

Creamy, toasted, rich, subtly sweet, coffee


Ancient Romans used the branches of hazelnut trees to create torches that would be used during wedding ceremonies. It was said that hazelnuts bring newlyweds long, happy marriages. There may be something to this. Think about it. Hazelnut is a common flavor used in specialty coffees, and we all know that person who turns into a gremlin without it.

ABV: 15%

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Hazelnut Buzz

The Hazelnut Latte Buzzballs were fun to sip. We couldn’t finish it in one sitting since it was more potent than - and not as smooth as - we had expected. I think it would be better enjoyed with ten parts crushed ice. Good experience for the discounted price.

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