Ballantine's 17yo 700ml
Ballantine's 17yo 700ml
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Contains range of specially selected malts from all over only complex but also perfectly balanced Scotland to create a unique and luxurious blended Scotch whisky

Tasting Notes

Nose: Deep balanced, elegant and smooth with hints of sweet vanilla, oak and a sensation of smoke

Taste: Full and complex, vibrant honey sweetness and creamy vanilla flavors with hints of oak and spicy licorice

Finish: Long sweet and smooth with a hint of spice

• Awards

International Spirits Challenge 2021 –Gold Award

Classic Serve : Sazerac Twist

Ingredients :

50ml Ballantine's 17 Year Old

1 sugar cube

2 dashes Peychaud's bitters

Abs inthe


How to Serve :

Rinse a chilled rocks glass with absinthe.

Muddle a sugar cube with bitters in a mixing glass

Add ice and Ballantine's 17 and stir untill chilled.

Strain into rocks glass without ice.

To garnish : express a lemon peel over the drink and discard

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Ballantine's 17yo 700ml