Absolut Elyx 700ml

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ABSOLUT ELYX is manually distilled in a 1921 copper rectification still known as Column 51, made entirely of copper. It is operated by a selected few who inherited their knowledge and expertise from past generations of spirit and vodka makers. Our silky textured vodka is a result of the single estate wheat, the manual operation and the old copper catalyzation process. The copper naturally catalyzes trace compounds in the spirit, purifying the vodka and adding a highly prized silky texture and taste.

ABV: 42.3

CONSUMPTION TIPS:  The indisputable king of cocktails. An Elyx Martini is the perfect way to celebrate the rich and silky mouthfeel of our luxurious spirit in a mixed drink. Stir over ice and serve chilled in a cocktail coupe, either wet or dry and with a lemon twist.

Dry: 10 parts Absolut Elyx, 1 part Lillet

Wet: 2 parts Absolut Elyx, 1 part Lillet Blanc