Pinoy Homage

Kanto and Sirena were created to pay homage to Filipino's unique tagayan drinking culture, by creating the most delicious drink Pinoys can share with friends.

Made to evoke feelings of old times, these drinks are perfect for those who are looking for new adventures.

“Hari ng Kanto”

In 2019, Kanto was awarded a double gold award at the SIP awards in the USA. The SIP awards are recognized as the largest consumer choice awards in the spirit industry. This is the highest award ever received by a Filipino produced vodka. Variant includes Kanto Vodka 700mL.

Modern and Asia’s Premium Gin

Sirena is a new age gin with big citrus and floral bursts. Perfect for cocktails or pink gin and tonics. Try Sirena Blue Pea Gin 700mL and Sirena Dry Gin 700mL now!

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Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka 700ml


Kanto Popcorn Vodka 700ml