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Since its launch in 1924, Jinro has consistently held its position as the number one soju brand in Korea. As such, it is not an exaggeration to say that Jinro Soju has played a pivotal role in establishing and evolving Korea's drinking culture.


  • Jinro Chamisul Original: Jinro Chamisul Original passes through a patented bamboo charcoal filtration process 4 times, getting rid of hangover-causing compounds. This drink has a higher ABV content than regular soju, making it the favorite drink of those who enjoy an authentic and rich Jinro Soju experience.
  • Jinro Chamisul Fresh: Jinro Chamisul Fresh remains to be the no.1 spirit brand not only in Korea, but throughout the world. Hangover-causing substances are removed through a patented 7-step refinement process using active bamboo charcoal, resulting in a clean drink that allows you to feel clearheaded and ready the next day.
  • Jinro Grapefruit: Jinro Grapefruit Soju is infused with a vibrant grapefruit flavor, a refreshing twist on a classic drink that's pleasing to the taste.
  • Jinro Green Grape: Jinro Green Grape Soju continues to be a favorite due to its sweet and flavorful taste. A unique drink that can be enjoyed on its own or added in cocktails.