Patron Reposado 750ml

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Aged at least two months for smooth taste with a hint of oak flavor.

Patrón Reposado is handcrafted from the finest 100% Weber Blue Agave and is carefully distilled in small batches at Hacienda Patrón distillery in Jalisco, Mexico. It’s then aged in a variety of barrels for three to five months.

Its fresh agave flavour and subtle sweet smokiness makes Patrón Reposado a fine spirit to enjoy neat or in cocktails.


Color: Clear, bright, with light amber tint.

Aroma: Oak wood, light fresh agave with a hint of citrus.

Taste: Smooth and sweet. Excellent balance of fresh agave and oak wood, with notes of fruit citrus and honey.

Finish: Light floral and vanilla.

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