Masskara Lime and Ginger Spritz

Article published at: Jan 22, 2022 Article tag: featured-posts
Masskara Lime and Ginger Spritz
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Don Papa Masskara Spiced Rum, the wickedly delicious infusion of hand-cut calamnsi and siling labuyo brings you the easy-to-make Masskara Lime and Ginger Spritz!


  • 30ml Don Papa Masskara Spiced Rum
  • 10ml Calamansi/Lime Juice
  • 60ml Prosecco/Champagne
  • Ginger Beer
  • Lime/Calamansi Peel for Garnish


  1. Build cubed ice, Don Papa Masskara, calamanse/lime juice, and bubbles in a wine glass
  2. Top with ginger beer and lightly stir
  3. Garnish with lime/calamansi peel