Pairing the 6 Possible Destinations of Damian Lillard this Offseason with Boozy’s Top Scotch Whiskies

Article published at: Jul 27, 2021 Article tag: featured-posts
Damian Lillard this Offseason with Boozy’s Top Scotch Whiskies
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With Giannis Antetokounmpo and the Milwaukee Bucks winning the NBA title, all eyes now turn to what should be an interesting offseason. Instead of watching thrilling games on the court, fans will instead keep an eye out for tweets and social media posts from NBA reporters or the players themselves regarding where they could be headed. 

Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard

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One of the biggest names who could be on the move is Portland Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard. While Lillard hasn’t officially said that he plans to leave the Blazers, rumors have been swirling that he could be on his way out after another playoff exit last season. If he does bolt for another team, the six-time NBA All-Star will have plenty to choose from. Here are some of them, which we paired with some of Boozy’s best scotch whiskies for you to drink while waiting for Dame Time’s big decision: 

1. New York Knicks - Jim Beam White 750ml

Jim Beam White

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Known as the world’s number 1 selling bourbon, the Jim Beam White is known for being an elegant, smooth, and refined drink. This bourbon is distilled in Kentucky in the United States and is aged for four years in newly-charred American white oak barrels. The Jim Beam White has an oaky vanilla aroma with a spicy backdrop and has flavors of medium-bodied and mellow with hints of caramel and vanilla. 

Jultus Randle and Damian Lillard

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Even if they have struggled for most of the past two decades, the New York Knicks have remained as the NBA’s most valuable franchise and one of the most popular. However, their number 1 status hasn’t helped recruit free agents to The Big Apple, as star players have continued to play elsewhere. But that could change after a strong first season under head coach Tom Thibodeau and All-Star Julius Randle, which included returning to the playoffs. If Lillard wants his star to shine even brighter while having a young, scrappy team around him with a chance to attract more talent, the Knicks are a good destination as any.


2. LA Lakers - Suntory Kakubin Japanese Whisky 700ml

Suntory Kakubin Japanese Whisky

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The Suntory Kakubin Japanese Whisky is a classic - from its iconic square-cut, tortoise shell-shaped bottle from which it takes its name to its golden yellow color. The Kakubin is a versatile whisky, with a sweet aroma, rich flavors, and a dry finish that proves the brand’s commitment to unwavering quality. This whisky is a go-to for many Japanese whenever they go out for food and drinks, but it can also be consumed from the comfort of one’s home.  

LeBron James and Damian Lillard

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Similarly, the LA Lakers have also become known among the NBA’s classic and most recognized franchises over the years - from their iconic purple and gold jerseys to the legendary players who suited up for the team. The latest among them is All-Stars LeBron James and Anthony Davis, who won a title with the Lakers last year. There may be other teams who can offer Lillard a better collection of talent and draft picks, but the Lakers should never be counted out as a destination for the Blazers guard given their history of attracting the league’s brightest stars.

3. Golden State Warriors - Jameson Irish Whiskey 700ml

Jameson Irish Whiskey

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The Jameson Irish Whiskey is an Irish blend of traditional pot still and grain whiskey with a distinct and smooth flavor. It is made through a meticulous process of being triple-distilled and aged in a combination of American oak and sherry cask barrels. This gives this drink a balance of spicy, nutty, and vanilla notes with hints of sweet sherry, a smooth and versatile taste that has made it a popular drink over the years.

Damian Lillard and Stephen Curry

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Two words that can also describe the Golden State Warriors are smooth and versatile. With a flexible lineup that can switch on defense and smooth shooters in All-Star guards Steph Curry and Klay Thompson, the Warriors remain one of the best teams in the league despite some recent struggles. Even though Lillard will be joining a loaded backcourt should he choose Golden State, it remains a strong possibility. After all, the 31-year-old guard is an Oakland native, and the NBA is filled with stories of star players joining their home teams. 

4. Portland Trail Blazers - Johnnie Walker Black Label 1L

Johnnie Walker Black Label

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When it comes to alcoholic drinks, few are more recognized than the Johnnie Walker Black Label. With an unmistakably smooth, deep, and complex character, the Johnnie Walker Black Label is created using whiskies aged for a minimum of 12 years, resulting in a tried and tested blend that is a go-to drink for many. This creates an impressive whisky with flavors of caramel, vanilla, and apple that is perfect for a night out with friends or when relaxing at home. 

Portland Basketball Players

Image from @damianlillard

Similarly, while Lillard has many teams to choose from this offseason, he can still go with the tried and tested route and return to the Trail Blazers. After all, it is the team that drafted and embraced him and Dame Time for the last nine years. It may not have the glitz and glamor or the number of All-Star teammates that other teams have, but it is still an excellent choice - just like the Johnnie Walker Black Label. 


5. Philadelphia 76ers - Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey 1L

Jack Daniel’s Old No.7 Tennessee Whiskey

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The Jack Daniel’s Old No. 7 Tennessee Whiskey is another time-honored drink. Its distinct taste comes from mellowing the freshly distilled whisky drop by drop through 10 feet of sugar maple charcoal. The Tennessee whisky is matured in American Oak barrels handmade by Jack Daniel’s themselves, giving the drink charcoal mellowed aroma and a balance of sweet and oaky flavor that make this drink a classic. 


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Another classic NBA team with a rich history vying for Lillard’s services is the Philadelphia 76ers. From Wilt Chamberlain to Julius Erving to Allen Iverson, the Sixers have had no shortage of All-Stars, with Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons being the latest ones. In Doc Rivers’ first season as head coach, the Sixers ruled the Eastern Conference before falling short in the playoffs. With Lillard joining Embiid and forming a deadly tandem, Philly could go over the hump and end their championship drought. 

6. Miami Heat - Johnnie Walker Double Black 1L

Johnnie Walker Double Black 1L

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Inspired by the Johnnie Walker Black Label, the Johnnie Walker Double Black is a full-bodied whisky that also has an intense, smoky character and layers of spice. With flavors of spicy, sweet, fruit, honey, and orange, it is influenced by West Coast and Island whiskies, making it an ideal drink for any occasion and whether with friends or relatives. 

Basketball game

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One NBA city is known for its bustling nightlife in Miami, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see people enjoying glasses of the Johnnie Walker Double Black in the city’s clubs or on the shores of South Beach. With its beautiful sights and a team that is always in playoff contention, it’s easy to see why stars have joined the Miami Heat over the years - whether it’s Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron James, or Jimmy Butler. With the Heat, Lillard could pair up with Butler and big man Bam Adebayo to become a powerhouse in the Eastern Conference. This could be an intriguing choice for the Blazers guard, just like the Double Black is an intriguing choice of drink. 

While the NBA heads off into the offseason, things are bound to remain interesting as fans continue to speculate on Lillard’s next move. Will he stay with the Blazers after another early playoff exit? Or will he move on to greener pastures like the Warriors, Lakers, or Sixers? Either way, having a drink from Boozy’s selection of top whiskies is a good way to spend your time while waiting for the next chapter of the NBA’s crazy offseason.