#LoveIsInTheAir With Boozy: Gifts For Family

Article published at: Feb 12, 2022 Article tag: featured-posts
#LoveIsInTheAir With Boozy: Gifts For Family
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Valentine’s Day is not all about romantic love but all sorts of love. It is a celebration you can share with your entire family. Be even closer with your Daddy, Mommy, Ate and/or Kuya by reliving some fun and good times. Play a round of Scrabble, spend an afternoon riding bikes in the neighborhood, or have a baking showdown to see who can bake better. 

But if everyone’s into alcoholic drinks, how about hosting a family spirits tasting night at home? Surprise every member with a different vino from Boozy’s Valentine’s Day Gift Bundles. Every bundle comes with a premium glass to match with your new booze and a flask or scented candle of your choice if you get a whiskey or wine respectively. 

Read on for exceptional liquor choices this Valentine’s Day.

1. Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut 750ml Valentine's Day Gift Bundle


Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut

From the French luxury winemaker, Moët & Chandon shares the magic of champagne through its iconic Moët Impérial. Luxuriously made from over 100 wines, the Impérial is a beautiful blend of three different but complementary grape varieties. Enjoy this bright and elevated bubbly with notes of pear, peach, apple and citrus fruits. 


2. Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose 750ml Valentine's Day Gift Bundle

Moet & Chandon Imperial Rose

If you’re a fan of the Moët & Chandon brand, not to worry, they have more exquisite selections of their renowned champagne. Enter their Rosé Impérial, a vibrant bouquet of red berries such as wild strawberry, and raspberry, and subtle rosy notes and hints of pepper. This pink sparkling beverage is crisp, refreshing, and elegant - an excellent choice for the family wine connoisseur.  


3. Veuve Clicquot Brut 750ml Valentine's Day Gift Bundle

Veuve Clicquot Brut

Established in 1772, Maison Veuve Clicquot continues to withstand the test of time through continuous innovation and perseverance against adversities. Their signature champagne is their Brut Yellow Label. Its unique blend comes from as many as 60 various Crus, high-quality vineyards, and is fruity and toasty on the nose. Serve this as an aperitif or pair this with seafood pasta


4. Dom Perignon Brut 750ml Valentine's Day Gift Bundle

Dom Perignon Brut

Dom Pérignon is named after a 17th century monk who had a bold aspiration to create “the best wine in the world.” Fast forward to the 21st century, his vintage champagnes are loved by royals, celebrities, and musical icons around the globe. With utmost emphasis on high quality, the label may decide not to release a vintage if conditions do not meet the standard. With the elaboration process taking at least eight years in the cellar, Dom Pérignon boasts of a harmonious assemblage of fruity and floral aromas and acidic and bitter notes. 


5. Dalmore 15YO 700ml Flask & Glass Valentine's Day Gift Bundle

Dalmore 15YO

Last but not the least is a whisky recommendation. Distinctly labeled with a 12 pointed Royal Stag, the Dalmore 15 is a single malt whisky made in Scotland’s Highlands. The distinct Dalmore style is attributed to its choice of sherry oak casks. The whisky’s captivating aromas of orange marmalade, cinnamon, and nutmeg, taste of vanilla, ginger, and apples with a smooth orange and chocolate finish will make you want to get another bottle. 


As we inch closer to Valentine’s Day,  the key takeaway for this holiday is to surround yourself with those who love you regardless of the occasion - a lovely lady, a special man, a group of friends, or your very own family. Boozy prepared curated lists of alcoholic drinks for every kind of loved one in the Liquor Library for ease. As part of the Boozy team, we raise a glass to you for another year full of love. Happy Hearts Day!