If Sex Ed Characters were Boozy Cocktails...

Article published at: Aug 29, 2021 Article tag: featured-posts
If Sex Ed Characters were Boozy Cocktails
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Looking for another series to binge over the weekend? Grab your favorite drink from Boozy and catch up on Seasons 1 and 2 of the hit Netflix series, Sex Education, before season 3 comes out this September 17, 2021. See how the students of Moordale Secondary School explore their youth, curiosity, and sexuality as they go through an important part of their young adolescent lives. Each student has their own character, preference, and story to tell, much like these easy to make cocktails from William Grant and Sons. Try these drinks while binging on Sex Education for a more exciting marathon with your friends and family over the weekend! 

1. Glenfiddich Highball X Dr. Jean Millburn

Glenfiddich Highball X Dr. Jean Millburn

The Glenfiddich Highball is an elegant mix of 45 mL of Glenfiddich and 120 mL Soda Water topped off with lemon peel garnish. This single malt scotch whiskey is matured in the finest American oak and European oak to get that creamy and smooth finish on each sip. Just like Dr. Jean Millburn this drink is matured and aged finely. Just like the Glenfiddich Highball, Dr. Jean is mature enough but knows how to have fun. 

2. Hendrick’s & Tonic x Otis Milburn

Hendrick’s & Tonic x Otis Milburn

Hendrick’s gin offers nothing but quality distilled gin from Scotland. It is infused with cucumber and rose petals for that crisp and smooth taste that is perfect for a classic glass of Gin & Tonic. Otis Milburn being the son of Dr. Jean Milburn learns a lot about sex and relationships from his mother. He then uses this knowledge to start informing the students of Moordale Secondary School about intimacy and sexuality. A lot of the students couldn’t get enough of Otis’s knowledge and wisdom just how most people can’t get enough of a glass of G&T. It’s neat and easy, just like Otis. 

3. Tully & Tonic x Maeve Wiley 

Tully & Tonic x Maeve Wiley

Maeve is a strong person that befriends an awkward Otis. They are partners-in-crime as they start the sex-therapy clinic in Moordale Secondary School. She definitely is the Tully & Tonic to Otis’s Hendrick’s & Tonic. The two are inseparable even though they have their own flavor. This drink consists of Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey, premium tonic water, and orange wedge garnish. Tully gives that strong kick that is complemented by the sweetness and citrus flavor of the orange. Just like Maeve, strong on the outside but a real sweetheart on the inside.  

4. Monkey Splash x Aimee Gibbs 

Monkey Splash x Aimee Gibbs


This drink is definitely going to be a hit with the it-girls. Monkey Splash gives that smooth and creamy texture with hints of vanilla and cinnamon notes. It’s mixed with tonic water and orange wedge garnish for that added freshness in every sip. This is Aimee Gibbs in a drink. Her friendly personality and unlikely friendship with Maeve sets her apart from all the cool kids at school. She’s approachable and suave just like the Monkey Splash. 

5. #OMG! X Eric Effiong

#OMG! X Eric Effiong

Eric might be the crowd favorite in the series and this drink might also be ours. Sweet, caring, and proud that is Eric in a nutshell. Being gay and different never hindered from Eric being true to himself and to his friends. Eric’s personality is all over the #OMG! With its sweetness from the orange and Monkey Shoulder to its boldness with the ginger ale at the finish. This drink is best shared with your best buddy that never gives up on you no matter what.

6. Jerry Loves Ginger X Adam Groff

Jerry Loves Ginger X Adam Groff

Adam Groff is one of the bullies at Moordale but he is a softie in reality. He’s one of Eric’s bullies but he actually ends up having feelings for Eric after some time. Jerry Loves Ginger can give you that same experience. You might end up loving this drink after giving this a try. This mix consists of Sailor Jerry Rum, Ginger Ale, and Lemon Garnish. Each sip gives you that spice and sweetness from the rum to the ale. Definitely a strong but sweet drink for every fan of Sex Education. 

Discovering new drinks and new shows is always a treat during the weekends. You get to relax and unwind even just for a while. Getting our minds free from stress is what keeps us going. Relax and unwind with Sex Education on Netflix and Boozy’s drinks for the long weekend!