Everything You Need to Know About This Coffee Liqueur

Article published at: Feb 26, 2021 Article tag: featured-posts
You Need to Know About Coffee Liqueur
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Did someone say coffee liqueur? To all coffee lovers out there or those who want to try something new, Kahlúa is the drink for you. Kahlúa is a rich coffee liqueur originating from Mexico. It includes rich tastes of toffee, vanilla, and butter rum, with hints of chocolate and exotic spice. The drink contains a mix of rum, vodka, and corn syrup. The unique flavor of Kahlúa has become a popular choice of liqueur worldwide and a popular choice for making different cocktails. Since February 27 is National Kahlúa Day, here are fun facts about the drink:

1. Kahlúa means “House of Acolhua people”

Originated back in 1936, Pedro Domecq created Kahlúa using the finest ingredients of Veracruz, Mexico (coffee, sugarcane, and rum). The word Kah-lua that means “House of Acolhua people” is actually in the Veracruz Nahuatl language--a language that was used long before the Spanish conquest!

2. A bottle of Kahlúa takes seven years to produce

This long duration of its preparation is due to several factors. One of these includes growing and harvesting coffee beans, vanilla, and sugar canes. Its aging has given the drink a unique flavor that has made it one of the most popular liqueur in the world. 

3. Kahlúa can be used as an ingredient for cakes, ice creams, and other confectionaires

Coffee lovers would know how divine coffee tastes when paired with desserts. Kahlúa’s rich coffee-tinged taste is one of the best ingredients for desserts like cake, brownies, and cookies (just keep them away from children!). Kahlúa is also used as a topping for ice cream and cheesecakes.

4. Must-try Kahlúa cocktails: Espresso Martini, Cold Irish Coffee, Cold Brew with Kahlúa 

Kahlúa is a signature ingredient for many cocktails. Some of the most popular ones are Espresso Martini, Cold Irish Coffee, and Cold Brew w/ Kahlúa. The Espresso Martini is a classic. You’ll need a shaker then fill it with ice, one part vodka, two parts Kahlua, and three parts cold brew coffee. Shake the ingredients hard for 10 seconds to create a nice foam. Garnish with small coffee beans!

For your Cold Irish Coffee drink, get a wine glass, add one part Kahlúa, 1 part Jameson Irish Whiskey, and two parts of cold brew. Finish up a layer of plant-based cream then garnish with fine coffee grinds. Perfect as a kick-start in the morning or after dinner as a sweet treat. Check out this article if you want to try making your own Cold Irish Coffee drink!

Coffee Liqueur

Cold Brew w/ Kahlúa is not for the weak at heart. If you want an extra kick in your cold brew, try adding some Kahlúa. You’ll need a jar (but between us, a glass is fine!), add ice and lemon, one part Kahlúa, and fill up with three parts of cold brew. Garnish on top with fresh mint leaves! 


Kahlúa is definitely one of the most interesting liqueurs out there. Get festive on National Kahlúa Day this February 27 and order some Kahlúa. Pair it with your favorite dessert and enjoy the combination of coffee and liquor.