Cooling Rosè Wines for a Summer State of Mind

Article published at: Apr 29, 2021 Article tag: featured-posts
Cooling Rosè Wines for Summer
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When we think of summer, thoughts of warmth, relaxation, and fun come to mind. It is truly the time to unwind and take it easy. The scorching levels of heat are a sign that summertime is here. - enjoy the fresh air and get some dose of Vitamin D at home! Although we won’t be able to do our usual summer activities and visit our favorite summer destinations, a fine bottle of rosé can fix that!

Why Rosé?

Rosé is one of the best drinks perfect for summer. Besides the aesthetically pleasing pink-tinged color that matches your summer mood, it is usually a deliciously fresh and dry wine, reminiscent of summer fruits. On the palate, it resembles the flavor of a light red wine with brighter and crisper, mineral, grassy or citrus notes. Frequent descriptors of its flavor include strawberry, cherry, and raspberry, flavors perfect for summer. 

Where is Rosé from? 

These are made from the world’s famous wine regions such as France’s Bordeaux and Burgundy, or Calabria and Sicily in Italy. It is also popularly grown in New Zealand’s wine regions, reflecting the fresh fruitiness and liveliness of renowned wines.

How is Rosé made?

Rosé is not a type of grape but a kind of wine created from purely red-skinned grapes or a blend of red- and white-skinned grapes.. Its trademark pink color can come either from blending red and white varietals (in the case of Rosé Champagne or other sparkling wines) or in still wines, by shortening the maceration stage. This process means soaking the skin of red grapes with its juice for a shorter time than the red winemaking process prior to fermentation just enough to create a pink-tinged but not fully red juice (or “must”).


1. Anna de Codorniu Brut Rosé NV 750ml

Anna de Codorniu Brut Rosé NV 750ml

Photo from @annadecodorniuofficial

Origin: Penedes, Spain

Grape Variety: Pinot Noir, Chardonnay

Taste Notes: Delicate red cherry color. Fine and persistent bubbles. Aromas of red fruit, strawberries, cherries, and woodland fruits with hints of green apple. On the palate, it is elegant and light. Well balanced between acidity and sweetness with a refreshing finish.

Anna de Codorniu Brut Rosé combines glamor, femininity, innovation, and modernity with the experience and history of what is probably the pink version of the most emblematic product of Codorníu, Anna de Codorníu.

Food pairing: fried food, salad, cheese

2. R de Roubine

R de Roubine

Origin: Provence, France

Grape Variety: Grenache, Syrah, Cinsault 

Taste Notes: Salmon in color. Intense red fruits, currant notes. The wine brings in its delicate and finesse charm with subtle flavors of ripe strawberries. Its acidity is balanced and refreshing to the taste. 

A light wine full of soft fruit, this is perfumed and fresh. Acidity shines through the blood-orange flavors to give a refreshing wine that is ready to drink.

Food pairing: beef, lamb, spicy food

3. Whispering Angel Rosé 750ml 

Whispering Angel Rosé 750ml

Photo from @thewhisperingangel

Origin: Provence, France

Grape Variety: Grenache, Cinsault, Rolle (Vermentino)

Taste Notes: Its pale color is pleasing to the eye and draws one in. The rewarding taste profile is full and lush while being bone dry with a smooth finish. 

Whispering Angel is today’s worldwide reference for Provence rosé. Its pale color is pleasing to the eye and draws one in. The rewarding taste profile is full and lush while being bone dry with a smooth finish. Highly approachable and enjoyable with a broad range of cuisine, Whispering Angel is a premium rosé that you can drink from during the day, and at midnight.

Food pairing: grilled steak, fish dishes, salad, cheese

Recommended Serving Temperature: Well Chilled at 6-10 C for Sparkling Rose and 7-10C for Still Rose.

It is best served well chilled and with aperitifs. One tip for quick cooling is to put the wine bottle in a wine bucket with ice, salt, and water. 

Hurry and grab a bottle of rosé to create the perfect summer day. You can host a family brunch with one of the rosé recommendations and food pairings, or even host a small picnic in your garden.