Cocktail o'Clock Friday with your Favorite KPOP Artists

Article published at: May 14, 2021 Article tag: featured-posts
Cocktail o'Clock Friday with your Favorite KPOP Artists - Boozy Ph
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Korean Pop or K-pop has stolen millions of hearts from all around the world. Filipino fans are surely among the top stans with one of the largest fan bases and we understand the reason why! Besides the fact that these K-Pop bands consist of South Korea’s finest and most attractive, listening to K-Pop will have you happy dancing on your feet while following their killer choreography. It’s hard not to stan when they seem to have perfectly combined music + choreography + cute performers.  

As we end this long week, we prepared a K-pop playlist that you can listen to on your next Soju night.

Here’s a list of Soju cocktails you should try that perfectly (or not. Don’t fight us!) describe your favorite K-pop bands:

1. ITZY x Soju Sunrise


Photo from ITZY Official

ITZY is one of the most popular Korean girl groups because of how uniquely quirky and talented the ladies are. Their song, “Dalla Dalla” with over 258 million (and counting) views on YouTube, is a powerful song that promotes self-love and women empowerment. “Not gonna change who I am for your comfort; So watch and learn, I'll show you what I'm about” – the type of song you listen to hype you up and remind you of who you are! Like Soju Sunrise with delicious orange juice and three shots of Soju, ITZY is a combination of sweetness and fierceness.

2. TWICE x Soju Bomb


Photo from JYPE Twice

TWICE is most famous for their hit, “Cheer Up!” that charted number 1 at the Gaon Digital Chart, recognized as the best-performing single of the year, and won “Song of the Year” at the Melon Music Awards and Mnet Asian Music Awards. These girls are known to the biggest K-pop girl group on the planet and what sets them apart is how they continue to keep evolving and improving their music for their fans.  

TWICE x Soju Bomb is definitely a great combination together. Soju Bomb is a deceiving drink because it's clear in color and light and taste but it could really get you hyped quickly; just like how TWICE continues to dominate the music industry!

3. Red Velvet x Energizer Soju 

Red Velvet

Photo from Red Velvet SM Town

All-girl-band Red Velvet has one of the most interesting concepts. The name “Red Velvet” is actually a representation of their sweet and more soulful songs. The “Red” side is for their fun and vibrant pop songs while the “Velvet” is to represent their R&B songs. These girls are known to be one of the most gifted in the industry with great vocals and rappers that create beautiful melodies. 

Energizer Soju is an acquired taste that will surely give you a sugar rush! Mixing together soju, gatorade, and redbull doesn’t sound delicious but it will be a drink that you’ll grow to enjoy. This cocktail is best to embody Red Velvet’s music - a mix of different elements that all blend well together like a perfect harmony. 

4. BTS x Soju shots


Photo from BTS Bighit Official

The demand for both Soju and BTS is massive all over the world. Similar to classic Soju that’s Korea’s national liquor and most famous drink, BTS is one of the leaders of Korean Pop music. This group of seven South Korean men is constantly breaking barriers and making history. They’ve paved their way to global charts gaining fans from all around the world even in Western cultures. Not to mention, their two-day online concert last year had almost a million viewers watching.

Soju is one of one of Korea’s go-to drinks for all kinds of celebrations. In 2019, Jinro Soju sold 86.3 million cases in the world; more than any other alcohol brand in the world. We all love Soju shots because it’s neutral tasting and doesn’t give you that alcohol that burns down your throat after! 

5. BLACKPINK x Soju Yakult


Photo from Blackpink Official

Soju mixed with Yakult is a crowd favorite, just like BLACKPINK. These four girls, Jennie, Jisoo, Rose, and Lisa paved their way to global success. They were the first K-Pop girl group to perform at Coachella and the first to reach 1 billion YouTube views. These girls, you just can’t get enough of just like our favorite Soju Yakult combination.  (Fun fact: Jisoo loves her Soju!) 

It’s Cocktail O Clock! Time to grab your Soju and jam to K-Pop. Release all your stress from the weekday and unwind with Boozy. You can also pair your jamming session with some Korean fried chicken or some samgyeopsal!