Charcuterie Board Essentials: Pairing Tips for a Festive Feast

Article published at: Nov 7, 2023 Article tag: Beer
Charcuterie Board Essentials: Pairing Tips for a Festive Feast
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As the holiday season approaches, charcuterie boards become the star of dining tables worldwide. These artfully arranged assortments of cured meats, cheeses, and accompaniments are not just a feast for the palate but also for the eyes, making them a festive favorite. Whether it's for Christmas, New Year's Eve, or any holiday in between, a well-crafted charcuterie board brings a touch of elegance and conviviality to your gatherings. Let's dive into how you can create a holiday-worthy charcuterie spread with the perfect pairings from, ensuring your celebrations are both merry and memorable.

Choosing Your Base: The Foundation of Flavor

Start with a variety of cured meats. The salty and savory flavors of prosciutto, salami, and chorizo are charcuterie staples. For a local twist, consider adding some longganisa or tocino from your favorite artisanal producers.

Cheese: The Perfect Partner

No charcuterie board is complete without cheese. Balance is key, so include a mix of hard cheeses like Manchego or Parmesan and soft cheeses like Brie or Camembert. For a Filipino flair, why not add a wedge of kesong puti?

Accompaniments: More Than Just a Garnish

Olives, nuts, and fruits are not just fillers; they complement the flavors of your meats and cheeses. Dried mangoes, cashews, and green olives can add a local touch to your board.

Pairing with Beverages: The Selection

The drinks you choose can elevate your charcuterie experience. Here are some pairings to consider:

For the Wine Lovers

For the Beer Aficionados:

For the Spirits Enthusiasts:

  • Whiskey: A smooth single malt or a blended whiskey like Balvenie 12yo Double Wood can add a warm, smoky contrast to your bites.

  • Gin: A botanical-infused gin like Tanqueray pairs wonderfully with the herbaceous notes of artisanal cheeses.

Presentation: The Art of Arrangement

The presentation of your charcuterie board is almost as important as the taste. Use wooden boards or slate platters for a rustic feel. Arrange your meats in folds or rolls, place cheeses in wedges, and scatter nuts and fruits for color and texture.
A serving board, topped with cured meats, cheese, crackers, grapes, nuts, and jam.
Image from Veronika's Kitchen


As we count down the days to the most festive time of the year, a charcuterie board stands as a symbol of celebration and togetherness. It's a canvas for culinary creativity and a gathering point for friends and family to share and savor. This holiday season, elevate your entertaining with a charcuterie board that's as delightful to look at as it is to dip into. With the right pairings and a touch of flair, your board can become the centerpiece of your holiday feast. So gather your ingredients, uncork your favorite bottle from, and let the merry-making begin. Here's to holiday cheer and charcuterie boards that bring us together!