Bottoms up: Here are 5 beers to get you buzzed this National Beer Day!

Article published at: Apr 5, 2023
5 beers to get you buzzed this National Beer Day!
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The guys across the pond are celebrating National Beer Day and here in the Philippines, we can’t help but party with them!

It’s a known fact that Filipinos love a good, chilled beer. No matter the celebration–heck, even at funerals–one of our go-to social drinks is mounts and mounts of our favorite brands of malt brews. And if you look at the stats, it is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the country with a whopping 2.1 billion liters consumed yearly! Clearly, our tastebuds have a bias when it comes to our booze, and here at Boozy, we’re acknowledging that love for beer with a list of the classics and some must-tries for those who want to celebrate along with us!

Crazy Carabao Variety Pack - ₱599.00

Crazy Carabao Variety Pack

To start off the list, we’re offering you a variety pack to satiate your bellies and curiosities, Containing 2 of each zany flavor of Crazy Carabao which are Golden Ale, Indian Pale Ale, and Pilsner.

With a perfect blend of Australian hops and pale malt, this light, energizing ale is made. The Golden Ale is a sure and simple way to relax due to its lightness, fruity, and flowery flavors and smells.

For Indian Pale Ale, it’s a blend of hefty malts and hops. Tropical fruit aromas from multiple North American hops and large British malts enabled the drink to have a sweetness up front, followed by a cleansing bitter finish.

And serving as the last drink for this variety pack is the Pilsner. This beer is inspired by the classic German pilsner but with a moderately hoppy Bohemian touch. Noble hop qualities are highlighted by lightly toasted malt aromas, which bring out flowery fragrant and spicy herbal undertones.

Stella Artois 330ml Bottle 6-pack with Free Glass - ₱699.00

Stella Artois

Up next is the nippy Belgian-native lager. Its crisp, refreshing flavor complements strongly flavored Thai, Asian fusion, and Indian meals. The sharpness also cuts through cream sauces in pasta dishes, perfect for your saucy meals. It also flawlessly smoothens the sharp tastes of cheeses like Havarti, Morbier, and other artisanal cheddars.

Engkanto Mango Nation – Hazy IPA 330mL Bottle - ₱135.00

Engkanto Mango Nation – Hazy IPA 330mL Bottle

We all know cracking a cold one amid the summer heat is a surefire way to freshen us up. But adding a zing of mango to your drink will really skyrocket that chill experience to the max! That is why Engkanto Mango Nation is here to satisfy your tastebuds with the flavor of malt blended with sweet and slightly tangy mango. The beer's delectable, juicy scent hints at the changes the unique yeast agents had made to improve the beer type. Lime, coconut, tangerine, and passionfruit are among the luscious and delightful flavors provided by a smart range of hops. The addition of hand-selected mango fruit enhances the flavors and aromas, making you crave a tropical escape.

Paulaner Weissbier 500ml Bottle - ₱199.00

Paulaner Weissbier 500ml Bottle

Catch the breeze with this Weissbier fruity delight this hot summer day. The Paulaner Weissbier features a subtle banana scent with hints of mango and pineapple, as well as a sweet-bitter balance. A beer lover’s fave, this drink emits a mild effervescent aroma blend like no other. Partner it with your favorite bar chow and you’re good to go!

San Mig Light Beer 330ml Can 6-Pack - ₱399.00

San Mig Light Beer 330ml Can 6-Pack

And of course, a Boozy recommendation list will not be complete without the inclusion of a Filipino classic. Known for being a low-calorie beer, San Mig Light beer is all about adding a bit of buzz instead of fully taking over. True to its label, it’s airy to the tummy and the alcohol level sits at around 5%, not bad for a little loosening up for the summer season.

It has been a bustling year for all of us, and add the fact that we’re in the midst of a blistering hot season, it’s just the right time to take a break and chug a cool beer with family and friends. You deserve every sip of it so loosen up your belts and let that beer belly hang out!