Pairing your Fave Jonas Brothers’ Hits with exciting Boozy Deals!

Article published at: 2021年8月15日 Article tag: Beer
Jonas Brothers’ Hits with exciting Boozy Deals
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From “Burnin’ Up” to “Remember This” which, by the way, was being featured in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, The Jonas Brothers have had a wonderful journey of growth, discovery, and have definitely made a mark in the music industry. 

The trio initially called themselves "J3," but hated the name so it was eventually changed to "The Jonas Brothers," which we've come to know and love today.

It was a family affair which started with Nick who was first noticed singing at his mom’s hair salon for candy money and was encouraged to hire a manager, which helped him land Broadway roles.

While in Broadway, Nick then wrote a Christmas song with his father, Kevin Jonas Sr. This led him to being scouted by Columbia Records as a solo artist. As soon as Nick was signed, he started writing songs with Joe and Kevin, which eventually opened the doors for them while their father would book their gigs and help financially.

Check out the Sunday Slowdown playlist below!

While we got used to the trio being Disney Stars on the radio and the screens, to guesting in known live television shows, it was painful for us to watch them grow apart and pursue their individual career paths back in 2013. Up to this day, we will always remember how much they’ve made a mark in the music industry. From a band branded by Disney that caught our hearts, it might now be the time to reminisce a little and celebrate Joe’s birthday by grabbing some booze from us!

1. Hoegaarden Rosée 500ml Can Bundle of 12 + Hoegaarden Pampering Kit (includes a Hoegaarden Rosée Soap and Body Scrub) x Sucker

Hoegaarden Rosée 500ml Can Bundle of 12

This fruity and sweet wheat beer is perfect for a chill session of drinking. It gets you in a mood to just immerse yourself in a long, interesting conversation. Drink this and blast the speakers with Sucker by the Jonas Brothers and you’re good to go. Who doesn’t love a chill drink paired with a comeback song of their most loved trio?

2. Hendrick's Gin 700ml + Hendrick's Gin Miniature (Freebie) x Burnin Up’

Hendrick's Gin

Burnin’ Up by the Jonas Brothers is the perfect drink if you’re in the mood to be a social butterfly and put your A-game on while hosting your guests. The awesome floral flavours it gives off and this upbeat song will definitely make your vibe really good and feel more confident to be able to engage in any conversation. 

3. Monkey Shoulder 700ml + Monkey Shoulder Miniature (Freebie) x Year 3000

Monkey Shoulder

If this is your preferred drink, sipping on this sweet and somewhat spicy whisky while listening to Year 3000 will surely take you on a ride in a time machine and bring you back to the good days where rock music was the bomb. 

P.S. Anything with citrus notes goes well with this drink too! Give it a try!

4. Agimat Gin 700ml 20% OFF x S.O.S

Agimat Gin

Image from @destileria.barako

Imagine hearing this in the background while you’re trying to get a grip of yourself. Second guessing yourself because you lack confidence? Fear not! For this absolutely awesome Filipino gin made with rare indigenous botanicals will take your shyness away. This will give you a complete 360 turnaround and make you more appealing and pleasing. Need I say more?

5. Ube Cream Liqueur 700ml x Lovebug

Ube Cream Liqueur

Image from @destileria.barako

This sweet liqueur by Destileria Barako will, without a question, get you sweet talking all night long. Drinking Ube Cream Liqueur is the best company on rainy nights while playing Lovebug in the background. This drink will make you feel nostalgic given that ube is one of the Philippine’s most popular desserts.

6. Sapporo 330ml Bundle of 6 + Sapporo Bottle Opener (Freebie) x Fly With Me

Sapporo 330ml Bundle of 6

Looking to have fun and just keep on enjoying all throughout the night? Say no more! Drinking Sapporo while listening to Fly With Me will set the mood and just keep you engaged in substantial conversations, catching up and doing fun, amusing activities with your peers. You’re in for a long night!

7. Johnnie Walker Black Label 1L + Johnnie Walker Gold Gift Bag with Note Card (Freebie) x Tonight

Johnnie Walker Black Label 1L & Gold gift bag

If you want to relax and unwind after a long, tiring day, or if you have to pull an all-nighter and work on your deadlines, this drink will definitely be your best buddy. Drinking Black Label neat or on the rocks while playing Tonight might just set the tone and get you to accomplish the things that you have to.

8. Tanqueray 750ml + 2 Schweppes Tonic Water (Freebie) x Leave Before You Love Me

Tanqueray & Tonic

Feeling down or blue? Tanqueray Gin with Schweppes Tonic Water will help you get through the night and keep you company. Whether you’re drinking alone or with friends, this drink, along with the song Leave Before You Love me, will undoubtedly boost your mood, get you going and make sure you have fun!

9. Codorniu NV Rose D.O. Cava 750ml 20% OFF x When You Look Me In The Eyes

 Codorniu NV Rose D.O. Cava

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Codorniu NV Rose D.O. Cava is perfect to set your mood when in a romantic dinner. Drinking this while engaged in a sweet conversation and playing When You Look Me In The Eyes by the Jonas Brothers in the background will surely help build a stronger connection and make everything in the moment more substantial.

"They've got fizzy harmonies, punchy power chords and sugary choruses that bounce off the walls." as a review from USA Today was read. Up to this day, this still speaks the truth as fans sing their hearts out and dance along to their iconic songs. What are you waiting for? It’s time to kickstart the festivities for Joe's birthday by blasting our Jonas Brothers’ Playlist and grab these exciting Boozy bundles!