National Family Day with Boozy Drinks

Article published at: 2021年9月24日 Article tag: featured-posts
National Family Day with Boozy Drinks
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As the saying goes, the family that drinks together stays together. That’s it right? Well, one way or another sharing a glass (or more) with our loved ones at home is a great way to bond, especially in today’s stressful and uncertain climate. Celebrate National Family Day with your constants through thick and thin and create new memories with these drinks dedicated to each member of the family!

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For your mom who works like a boss:

Chateau Cap de Fer 2017 750mlChateau La Graviere Blanc 2018 750ml

Chateau Cap de Fer 2017 + Chateau La Graviere Blanc 2018

Nothing says a job well done than a glass of Chateau Cap de Fer for that classic wine with roasted ripe fruit flavor and a glass of Chateau La Graviere Blanc for that bright and lovely spirit with hints of honeysuckle and white peach. If we know someone that definitely deserves a glass or even a bottle of each it’s definitely our dedicated mothers. May it be in the office or at home, our moms deserve only the best bottles, especially when they are working their hardest for the family.  

For your dad who loves the outdoors: 
Ardbeg 10yo - Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky 

Ardbeg 10yo

Image from @ardbeg_usa

Most dads want to spend their free time exploring with the family. After a day of cycling, hiking, or just driving around the city is more than enough for them to enjoy their quality time with you. Make sure that you treat him to an elegant bottle of Ardbeg’s 10yo Whiskey. Nothing wraps up a day out with whiskey at home. Enjoy the crisp and smooth flavors of lime with cinnamon spiced toffee. A glass will definitely turn that adventurous day into a calming and relaxed night at home. 

For your grandfather who loves his vinyl music + chill drinks by his side
Whyte & Mackay Bundle Collection 

Whyte & Mackay Bundle Collection

Age is definitely just a number when you want to have fun. Show your love for the ‘OG’s’ of the family especially our lolos who have that classy taste in music and in wine. Listen to old classic’s that never get old while having a sip of Whyte & Mackay’s Bundle Collection from Boozy! Get this trifecta of different Scotch Whiskey. This variety collection gives you more bottles to share with your lolo and the rest of the family. The bundle includes a bottle of Jura that has been aged for 12 years, Tamnavulin which is aged in double cask for pure flavor, and Shackleton for that clean and cool blend. 

For your grandmother who loves her cocktails while playing Mahjong: 
Negroni Cocktail Pack 

Cinzano, Bulldog and Campari

Image from @campariph

Getting something for our lolos might be a bad idea if we don’t have something for our lolas as well! Get lola her favorite drink while she plays her favorite game of Mahjong with her friends and the rest of the family. This pack goes with gin, vermouth, and Campari -- a match that is perfect for each other just like her tiles in a winning hand of Mahjong.

For your brother who loves beer: 
Stella Artois Can Bundle of 6 - Belgian Lager Beer 

Stella Artois

Our brothers and kuyas are known to be protective yet funny with a soft spot for his family. They look out for what’s best for us and manages to enjoy the little moments while doing so. Getting him that bundle of Stella Artois Belgian Lager Beer will definitely be an avenue for new bonding moments while talking about the future together. This brew is a classic beer best served cold and with a reliable companion just like our brothers. 

For your sister who loves her soju:
5 So Nice Grapefruit Soju 360ml + 1 So Nice Original Soju 

So Nice Grapefruit Soju + Original Soju

Image from @drinksonice.ultralight

Watching movies and shows is one way to get closer to our ates and younger sisters. Hit play on their favorite kdrama and slow down with a bundle of So Nice Grapefruit Soju for her. This sweet spirit filled with citrus grapefruit notes will definitely make the mood sweeter for our sisters that always give joy to the family.