Celebrate Pop’s King of Heartbreak Post Malone’s Birthday with Boozy’s Top Cocktail Packs!

Article published at: 2021年7月4日 Article tag: Beer
Post Malone’s Birthday with Boozy’s Top Cocktail Packs
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Celebrate Pop’s King of Heartbreak Post Malone’s Birthday
with Boozy’s Top Cocktail Packs!

It’s Sunday 11:30 AM, pre-corona times. You just woke up and you’re reaching for a hot cup of coffee, ordering a full rice meal on your delivery app to cure your hangover. Your head is pounding and you barely remember what happened in Island (BGC). All you can recall from last night was the part when the whole crowd was jamming to “You probably think that you are better now! Better now!” while taking hard shots of Cuervo…

Today, we celebrate the Pop King of Heartbreak’s birthday! You know the night is lit when your newly single friend calls up the whole barkada for a night out in Pobla or BGC.

Post Malone’s music plays on full blast and everything feels alright. You know that your friend’s broken heart is healed briefly because of the good vibes! Relive these moments by ordering Booze and listening to this week’s Sunday Playlist!

1. Beer Punch

Beer Punch

Circles is Post Malone’s most played song on Spotify and there’s nothing better than calling your friends, playing the song on full blast, while drinking some Beer Punch. To make a beer punch, all you need are some pineapple juice, ginger, ale, and a pitcher. Stir together, serve with ice, garnish it with lemon, hit play. 

2. Jose Cuervo Golden Margarita Cocktail Pack

Jose Cuervo Golden Margarita Cocktail Pack
Image from @josecuervobr

Aaaahh, yes. Jose Cuervo Golden - our go-to tequila in our favorite clubs. Now that we’re all winding down a bit due to Ms. Rona, perhaps you should grab our cocktail pack to enjoy for your next chillnuman or e-numan with friends. Play Post Malone’s Congratulations and enjoy a refreshing cocktail pack and order some tacos or nachos!

3. Aperol Spritz Cocktail Pack

Aperol Spritz Cocktail Pack

Post Malone’s sunflower paired with Aperol Spritz Cocktail is a vibe. Mix some Aperol, Prosecco, Soda Water, and you get a taste of one of the most popular aperitifs in Italy. This refreshing cocktail is a great drink to enjoy during hot summer days. 

4. Martini


If you’re feeling a bit sad and lonely, enjoy a glass of Martini and play Post Malone’s I Fall Apart to let those feelings out. Might not sound like a good idea but honestly, there’s something comforting listening to I Fall Apart. With just 1 part Dry Vermouth and 6 parts, Gin and Post Malone’s music and you get to comfort yourself. 

5. Americano Cocktail Pack

Americano Cocktail Pack

Candy Paint is another crowd favorite in bars and clubs. While we still can’t go on a full night out, you can make yourself an Americano Cocktail pack to wake your spirit up! If you’re the type that likes to consume some booze in the morning, the Americano Cocktail is also perfect for brunch or to kickstart your day! This pack already includes all the ingredients you need!

6. Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea


Post Malone’s Psycho is definitely the best song to vibe with a great long island iced tea cocktail. Long Island Iced Tea is a simple cocktail that you can make any time. Just mix all together some gin, rum, vodka, tequila, coca cola, lemon slice, and calamansi and you’ve got a perfect refreshing cocktail to jam to Post Malone’s Psycho!

7. Midnight Sangria

Midnight Sangria
Photo from @campariofficial

Imagine this. You’re out with your friends, wearing bomb outfits that make you feel confident. The line from Better Now starts to play: “You prolly think that you are better now…” and you and your friends just start standing up and dancing to your past mistakes! Better Now and our Midnight Sangria recipe is the perfect match. With just sugar, vodka, blackberries, oranges, and lime, and you have yourself a crowd favorite cocktail that you’ll enjoy sipping while Better Now by Post Malone plays. 

8. Agwa Bomb

Agwa Bomb

This Agwa Bomb will give you a boost of energy. With Red Bull and some Agwa Coca, you have a cocktail that’s best to enjoy with Post Malone’s I DID IT! You’ll have enough energy to dance, enjoy, and stay energized for a long time. 

Just a fun fact before we end. Did you know that Post Malone actually started as a wedding DJ? Austin Post (his real name) actually started to DJ for weddings as a college student. This kept him from evolving and making music in the industry. Now, he’s crowned as Pop’s King of Heartbreak. Wow! Happy Birthday, Austin Post!