Monkey 47 500ml
Monkey 47 500ml
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Founded in 2009 by Alexander Stein in the Black Forest. A complex mix of 47 botanicals leading to the most recognized ultra-premium craft gin in the world.

Unrivaled quality, batched distilled in 100L copper stills and aged for 3 months in earthen clay copper pots . After distillation, aged in clay pots for 3 months leading to rounder flavours of the 47 ingredients.


Nose – The distinct scent of juniper, tangy and crisp citrus notes, a sweet, flowery aroma, with a hint of peppery spices.

Palate – Classic London Dry characters with a complex mix of Black Forest botanicals. Crisp and fresh in the mouth, with some tangy and slight spicy notes which add extra freshness to the traditional characters.

Finish – Fairly complex. Good balance of all components and racy, fresh finish.


Classic Serve : Monkey Tonic

Ingredients :

3cl Monkey 47

20cl Tonic Water

How to Serve :

• Pour the Monkey into a glass and fill up with ice and tonic.

• Garnish with a grapefruit zest.

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Cristina de Castro

Monkey 47 500ml

Rozelle De Leon

Monkey 47 500ml

The best...

Easily the best gin I've had so far...

My friend recommended this. He said it was his favorite so I decided to try it. Was disappointed at first because the bottle was so small. Considering the size of the bottle, this is a very expensive gin. But after tasting it, it is well worth the price.