Lindemans Kriek 250ml

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A sharp, full-bodied beer brewed with sour cherries. Its ruby-like colour beckons the drinker to enjoy its delicious, well-balanced fruity flavours tiptoeing between saccharine and sour.

ABV: 3.5%

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lyam cochanco

Lindemans Kriek 250ml

Pia Agravante

My favorite of the Lindemans variants. It has a pleasant mouthfeel of the bold cherry with some hints of sourness. Perfect to pair with desserts.

Jaime Garcia
Tastes as described, but I didn't realize Sour Cherries would be that Sour.

I'm a big fan of the Lindemans Apple and, more recently, Faro, so I thought to try this one on a whim. I imagined a more sweet-sour taste, having had no previous experience with actual sour cherry flavors.

I can safely say that it is indeed quite sour - almost medicinal really. It's not a 5-star because of overwhelmed tastebuds, but if you're quite familiar with the taste of sour cherry, I can say that it delivers on that. Fun drink, for what its worth.

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