Engkanto Variety Pack 330ml Bottles
Engkanto Variety Pack 330ml Bottles
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Engkanto Variety Pack include 4 different flavors namely:

  • Engkanto Live It Up! Lager 330mL
  • Engkanto High Hive – Honey Ale 330mL
  • Engkanto Mango Nation – Hazy IPA 330mL
  • Engkanto Green Lava – Double IPA 330mL


Engkanto Live It Up! Lager 330mL

Emerging from classic European brewing techniques, Live It Up! Lager goes beyond the boundaries with the use of hops grown outside Europe, that’s why we also call it a New World Pilsner. The result is a unique tropical profile that has notes of citrus, passionfruit, and melon.

Easily approachable for enthusiasts new to craft, our crisp and refreshing lager has the right touch of malt sweetness. A precise selection of high-quality Pilsner malt sets a balanced malt backbone with a subtle note of toasted biscuits. Pair this beer easily with light dishes such as salads, chicken, fish, or egg tarts.

Engkanto High Hive – Honey Ale 330mL

A golden ale that's remarkably smooth and subtly sweet, High Hive Honey Ale is brewed with pure and all-natural honey from local apiaries and farms. The careful combination of hand-selected and imported ingredients in the brewing process provide light floral honey notes and balanced bitterness in this medium-bodied beer.

Sip and experience lip-smacking delight from our honey ale all by itself or enjoy it with strongly flavored foods such as spicy Mexican dishes, Kare-Kare, smoked meats, grilled chicken, or tangy cheese to complement their richness.

Engkanto Mango Nation – Hazy IPA 330mL

Bask in the pure island bliss of this Hazy IPA brewed with prized mangoes from the Philippines. Its alluring, juicy haze reveals its beer style adapted with a unique process and a special yeast ingredient. An array of juicy and fruity flavors such as lime, coconut, tangerine, and passionfruit come from a nifty selection of hops. The addition of handpicked mango fruit turns up the aromas and flavors that will make you crave a tropical escape.

A beer with balanced bitterness, Mango Nation has a soft body, and its creaminess come from the use of oats. Its versatile character makes it suitable for pairing with fruit salads, ceviche, shrimp tacos, gorgonzola cheese, and buko pie.

Engkanto Green Lava – Double IPA 330mL

Revel in the boldness of Green Laca, a big Double IPA that's not holding anything back. Our liberal use of high-quality hops is artfully balanced with the malt backbone of the beer while a light filtering process retains the hoppy flavors and notes of grapefruit, mango, pineapple, and apricot.

The delicate addition of rolled oats creates our DIPA's creamy and hazy appearance. Match this beer that has high levels of alcohol and bitterness with the robust taste of lamb, smoked meats, sharp cheeses, and sweet desserts.

Customer Reviews

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Not a fan of the mango beer but Ioved the double IPA.❤️ I guess this variety pack is for those who have yet to find the flavor theyd like.

Ricard B.
With Engkanto you are always right!

As always, superb quality, nothing to envy vs American or European Crafts. Each beer has something special and is right for a specific moment of the day, therefore impossible to choose a favorite!


Good beer but also didn’t blow me away. The honey beer is a little bit too sweet for my taste, the double IPA is quite tasty and the lager has a nice bitter hoppy taste. Definitely will buy again, however european craft beer is better.