Top Pizza Flavors Paired with Your Favorite Boozy Drinks

Article published at: 2021年10月2日 Article tag: featured-posts
Top Pizza Flavors Paired with Your Favorite Boozy Drinks
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If there’s one thing about us Filipinos is that we are known for our hospitality and kindness. One of the many ways that we show this character of ours is at the dining table. We eat, we drink, and we have a great time doing it. We are also known to be a melting pot and one of the biggest influences we have from other countries is our food. One of the best things we have received from the Europeans is their cuisine and in today’s modern world, Pizza is one of the Filipinos favorite dishes. Pizza is mostly served at birthday parties, celebrations, or just random cravings. And just like the Italians, Pizza is served with the best spirits that you can get easily with Boozy! Here’s a list of our top pizza picks paired up with Boozy’s top drinks. 

4 Cheese Pizza - Bread and Butter Pinot Noir 750 ml

Bread and Butter Pinot Noir

You can never go wrong with a classic. The 4 cheese pizza is a staple to many pizzerias around town. Pizzulu serves a delicate 4 Cheese Pizza dish that is certain to keep you wanting for more. Cheese is an essential part of pizza and having 4 of them wouldn’t hurt. It creates a great flavor and texture for the pie that creates a harmony in every bite. Pair this pie up with a glass of Pinot Noir from Bread and Butter
to tone things down at your own pace with its juicy red fruit with hints of cedar and bay leaf for that earthy natural taste.


Margherita Pizza -
Jose Cuervo Gold 1L 

Jose Cuervo Gold 1L

This pairing will definitely add new elements to your pizza and add an extra spice to your drink. Motorino Pizza is widely known for its fresh Margherita Pizza. Margherita Pizza is filled with fresh ingredients of basil, tomato, and cheese -- topped with extra-virgin olive oil. It’s light yet flavorful in every bite. Pair this up with a drink that’s known for its spice and kick that will surely keep the pizza party going with shots of Jose Cuervo Gold. To keep that “margarita” theme in place, you might also want to stir up a glass of tequila margarita. Just add some lime juice, triple sec, and salt to add a little more flavor to your dining experience.


Pepperoni Pizza - Tanqueray 750 ml 

Tanqueray 750 ml

Creating a classic Gin & Tonic is best made with Tanqueray’s clean and crisp dry gin. It gives a refreshing flavor that gives balance to whatever meal you are having. Pepperoni Pizza adds a different layer to one’s pizza experience as the cheesy pie gets topped off with bits of savory salami that is a sure hit with most pizza lovers. Shakey’s Pepperoni and Pepperoni Crunch are a staple at any party that is held. G&T and Pepperoni is definitely a combo that gives you that flavor and balance you ought to try. 


Meatlovers Pizza - Bombay Sapphire 750 ml 

Bombay Sapphire 750 ml

If you like Pepperoni, you will surely love the Meatlovers Pizza. This is a culmination of the best cuts of meat such as salami, beef, bacon etc. Yellow Cab’s Manhattan Meatlovers Pizza is a crowd favorite from its loyal customers. It uses quality cuts that bring out unique and distinct flavors from each cut. For the best experience, pour a glass of zesty-citrus shots of Bombay Sapphire to get you that rich and exotic feel in every sip. This pairing will leave you satisfied and craving for your next pizza party with your friends. 


Veggie Pizza - Yellow Tail Pink Moscato 750 ml 

Yellow Tail Pink Moscato 750 ml

Veggie Pizzas has also made its way to the plates and hearts of pizza lovers. Exploring different ingredients and freshly harvested veggies has opened a new door for diners. Veggie Pizzas have created their own identity with unique flavors that stand out from traditional ones. Fino Deli’s take on Veggie Pizza is definitely a must-try and one of the reasons why this place is a go-to for date nights. Keep the meal light with Yellow Tail Pink Moscato. This spirit soothes your date nights with refreshing strawberry flavors with hints of sherbet and floral notes, perfect for your veggie pizza dish.


Sisig Pizza - Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka 700ml 

Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka 700ml

This is how we Filipinos repay the gifts given by our foreign friends, we give them a gift back! Combining Italy’s pizza with one of the best pulutans known to Filipinos, the Sisig Pizza was born. It has since made a great impression among pizza lovers and diners alike. Habanero Kitchenbar serves one of the most savory Sisig Pizzas available in the metro. Balance this beautiful combination of meat, cheese, and dough with Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka. Each sip gives you that sweet, clean, and balanced flavor to compliment the strong flavors of the pie. Pay homage to our heritage by dining with a classic Filipino meal and a locally produced spirit that innovated our dining experience. 


There are various ways in enjoying your pizza and liquor. There are different flavors, different, styles, and different techniques. But one thing remains the same and it’s the experience we share with the people that matter to us the most. Through food and drinks we get to show the hospitality and genuine connections that we have with others. Here’s to sharing life and meals together, one slice at a time!