Sparklers Season: Top Picks for Your Sparkling Wine Needs

Article published at: 2020年12月12日 Article tag: featured-posts
Top Picks for Your Sparkling Wine Needs
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Sparkling wine is a great option for this season’s festivities. Both as a gift or something to serve in your socially distanced, well-thought-out mini get together, these wines are sure crowd pleasers. We’ve listed down some of our top recommendations for this season! 

Italian Sparkling Wine Selection 

Martini Prosecco 750ml

This wine expresses ripe apple and peach nuances lifted by its bubbly charms. It is crisp, dry and balanced, with a good hold of flavor on the palate. Why not try adding a splash of vermouth and ice as an aperitivo?

This is ideally well suited for those who want a sparkling wine that is sweet and low in alcohol. We’ve got you covered! This wine means enjoyment.  It is interestingly aromatic and flavorful bringing out ripe apricots and peach sweetness with a surge of acidity. 

Can’t seem to decide? We have a trio bundle available too!

Champagne Selection 

Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut 750m

These wines are awarded by Wine Spectator with 92 points for its superior character and style. That said, don’t you think it’s worth giving these a taste? 

Fun fact : Champagne is a region in France that first started the most famous traditional winemaking technique for sparkling wines. It is a combination of three key grape varieties: 1. Chardonnay gives liveliness to the wine with its high acid that spruces its citrus and floral character. 2. Pinot Noir adds a red fruit character in the blend and gives body and structure to the wine. 3. Pinot Meunier adds more fruitiness, freshness and roundness to the blend.

3. Pol Roger Brut Reserve NV 750ml - P3500
The wine has a beautiful golden straw hue with abundant, fine bubbles, and releases light flavors of white jasmine, honeysuckle. Definitely a drink to savor and remember, as its flavors of apricot and quince jams mingles with acacia honey and beeswax aromas.

4. Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut 750ml - P3549
This wine has a generous sumptuousness of pear, peach and apple fruits. It is Moet & Chandon house’s icon champagne distinct with its style - bright fruitiness and elegant maturity. Its fresh mineral and floral undertones linger in the mouth.

A magnum size of this wine is also available. Equivalent of 2 standard wine bottles of 750ml. Moet & Chandon Imperial Brut 1.5L Magnum - P8849

5. Veuve Clicquot Brut 750ml - P4190
Aside from its fruity characteristics, it is notable for its creamy, toasty, vanilla aromas. It reconciles strength and silkiness through its sharp freshness, aromatic intensity in a wine of finesse charm.


Zonin Prosecco Black 750ml

We’ve listed incredibly designed bottles; that are undoubtedly quality wines. These are wines that make great options if you’re looking to gift to impress. 

1. Zonin Prosecco Black 750ml - P1149
It has an exquisite, sleek bottle design that gives you an impression of the wine’s elegant characteristics. It is a dry wine that has an intense characteristic of the ripe red cherry, spiced with cardamom, and nuance of floral aroma. It is decidedly sharp, but well-structured that leaves a persistent impression on palate.

2. Bottega Gold 750ml - P1799
In a mesmerizing gold bottle design, this Prosecco DOC wine is a must-have for the holiday parties! It is persistently flavorful and aromatic with notes of green apples, pear, citrus fruits and acacia flowers. As elegant as the bottle, its elegance is also remarkable on the palate. It has bright acidity that is remarkably refreshing and balanced.

3. Dom Perignon Brut 750ml - P11599
Definitely a luxury champagne to impress, and should be opened on special occasions! This vintage champagne has been aged in the bottle for at least 8 years to develop a bouquet of complex aromas. Did you know that this wine is not produced every vintage year? The winemaker ensures that the wine has a capability to age no less than 20 years, thus releasing about 6 vintages in every 10 years. Despite the long aging, the wine imposes its full and massive presence with its generous and firm zesty tropical fruits, touch of florals, and lingering spice notes.

Keep in Mind: 

These sparkling wines are characterized by high acidity that opens up the appetite before getting into generous dinners. This is why it’s the perfect wine for aperitivo or appetizers.  It is most enjoyable with appetizers like cured meat, nachos with dip, mini tapas or sushi topped with salty meats like fish or cold cuts. 

We recommend keeping the wines in good condition, with no direct light or heat (definitely, not in the kitchen). Serving the wines well chilled at 6-10 degree Celsius in flute wine glasses is the best way to enjoy it!

Drink moderately.