Sawi Slowdown with Boozyph

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Sawi Slowdown with Boozyph
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Hassle, noh? Pero okay lang, here in Boozy, 'di ka namin iiwanan!

Heartbreaks are never fun. Especially during the pandemic. It is extremely difficult to have some sense of familiarity taken away from you during these trying times. If you are going through a heartbreak or experiencing a rough patch with your partner during the pandemic, we want to let you know that we are here for you. 

This is why we are giving you some tips to move on as well as some of our cocktail recommendations to help you process the pain:

1. Sit with your thoughts. Siyempre 'diba, harapin mo yung iniisip mo.

Some days may feel a little quiet. Unlike pre-covid days when you could easily run to friends and go to BGC or Poblacion for a night out, it may feel a little overwhelming to have to sit and process the pain. 

However, there is power in simply accepting the dark and negative thoughts. Accept that times are hard and it is painful to lose a person. There is no need to pressure yourself to feel okay and move on. 

Accompany your silent nights with the Less is More cocktail. “Less is More” is an elegant cocktail that will help you handle your thoughts with strength and class. Our recipe includes a Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva, soda, and an orange peel.

Less is More cocktail

2. Find a way to channel the negative energy. Dito ka mag-strive maging positive!

While it’s completely okay to take some time off, finding a new hobby or developing new things will help you get your mind off of things and eventually help you build yourself up again. 

There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to moving on. Explore what works for you. It could be working out or you can try enrolling in online courses. We suggest you learn how to make mixed drinks! A quick and easy way to get started on learning how to make drinks is to try making some Margarita! It’s an easy cocktail to get started with and it never gets old.


Photo from @1800Tequila

3. Realize the lesson from your break up. Meron yan, wag mo hanapin pero mare-realize mo nalang. 

It’s easier to be sawi and feel bad about losing a person you never thought you’d lose. Missing someone is normal especially when all you can think about are the good memories. 

It’s also easier to feel mad and be bitter about the break-up. However, you need to take the high road and realize that these experiences teach us valuable life lessons.

We suggest you sit down and try to write or have a think about what you learned from that relationship and the break-up. You can then evaluate what you liked and what you didn’t like as well as how you can change for the better. 

To help you cool down and process your feelings calmly, you should try making some JGL cocktails made with Jameson, Ginger Ale, and some lime! 

JGL cocktails

Photo from @jameson_us

4. Reach out to friends and family. Family at tropa, sometimes they're all we need. Kahit isang saglit lang.

Know that you don’t have to keep everything in. The more you try to keep it in, the more you’ll feel heavier. Reach out to your friends and family and make them understand your pain. 

You can host an e-numan and have some G&T


Photo from @BombaySapphire

5. Understand that just because it didn’t work out with one person, doesn’t mean it will never work out. Madami pa sa life ang bound to eventually work out for you!

Keep your doors open. It may take some time to even think of the idea of starting over. Just keep in mind that just because it did not work out with one person doesn’t mean it will never work out with anyone else. People come and go in our lives for a reason. These experiences help us grow into the person we’re meant to become. 

Try making an Americano cocktail to wake you up for a fresher mindset. You can move on if you want to and although it seems impossible, you can definitely build something even more beautiful with another person. 

Americano cocktail

Photo from @campariofficial

If you are having a hard time to move on, basta kami sa Boozy, 'di kami mawawala. Besides our tips and cocktail recommendations, you can also check out our Sawi playlist here.