Rainy Day Food Paired with White Wines Below P600 from Boozy

Article published at: 2021年7月31日 Article tag: featured-posts
Rainy Day Food Paired with White Wines Below P600 from Boozy
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The cool breeze of the rainy season is perfect for a warm plate of our favorite comfort foods. You can never go wrong with a bowl of Japanese ramen, or the creamiest mac and cheese, or a freshly cooked caldereta on top of a steaming cup of rice. Welcome the rainy season with these soulful comfort foods with the perfect spirits with White Wines below P600 from Boozy to satisfy your rainy day cravings. Here’s a list of comfort food you should try with Boozy’s White Wines to keep you company through the rainy season. 

1. Ramen x Yellow Tail Sauvignon Blanc 750ml 

Yellow Tail Sauvignon Blanc

A rainy afternoon is perfectly paired with a hot bowl of Japanese Ramen. This Japanese dish is known for its warm broth and rich noodles but as different regions of Japan grew accustomed to this dish, different variations of Ramen emerged. Some started to add egg, pork, seaweed, and vegetables to complete the full experience. To complement the warm and hearty bowl of Ramen, a glass of Yellow Tail Sauvignon Blanc would be in order. It’s a fresh and crisp drink to cleanse and refresh your palette from the flavors of your favorite Ramen. For the best bowls in the Metro, try out Yushoken, Mendokoro, or Ramen Nagi.

2. Boki x Three Hens White 750ml  

Three Hens White

Boki is known to be Korea’s take on rice cakes in spicy sauce. This is a perfect snack to heat up a rainy night. Beat that heat with the fruity and citrus spirit of Three Hens White. Hints of apple, peach, and tropical fruit give that sweet touch in the palette; a perfect contrast to the kick of the Boki. Each sip has a silky finish that soothes your palette from the spice.  Get the best boki at the nearest Korean Stores or Samgyupsals in your area!

3. Salmon Risotto x Hardys VR Moscato 750ml

Hardys VR Moscato

Risotto is known to be a light and delicate touch in cooking rice as made famous by North Italy. A hot plate can of freshly cooked Risotto can definitely brighten a gloomy rainy day. To keep the lightness of the Risotto, most diners opt to add salmon as their protein to keep that fresh and flavorful touch in the Risotto. Hardys VR Moscato goes well with the creaminess of the Risotto and the fresh salinity of the salmon. The light-aromatic hints of Hardys make it the perfect pair for a creamy Salmon Risotto on a rainy day. 

4. French Onion Soup x Jacob's Creek Riesling 750ml

Jacob's Creek Riesling

One of the most enticing appetizers in most restaurants today, the French Onion Soup is a warm, creamy, and rich meal to keep you warm during the rainy season. It is best accompanied by freshly baked bread to soak up the rich flavors brought by the soup. Jacob’s Creek Riesling’s fresh lemon aroma and tangy acidity sweeten the palette from the savory flavors from the French Onion Soup. 

5. Creamy Baked Mac and Cheese x Barefoot Moscato 750ml

Barefoot Moscato

Image from @barefootwinesph

Classic Baked Mac & Cheese definitely warms the appetite and the soul in whatever weather. This timeless fix just brings back so many childhood memories for most of us, especially during rainy days.  Accompany a plate of creamy mac and cheese with a glass of Barefoot Moscato to keep the balance from the richness of the mac and cheese. Barefoot Moscato offers a unique flavor of sweet apricots and juicy peaches that is sure to keep you refreshed through your meal. It’s perfect for cheese and cheesy meals, a match for the creamiest mac and cheese that you can find. 

6. Chicken Salpicao x Copper Ridge Chardonnay 750ml

Copper Ridge Chardonnay

Chicken Salpicao is an explosion of savory flavors with every bite. It is definitely a different way to spend lunch or dinner. The tender texture of Chicken Salpicao over a steaming bed of rice is always a good way to satisfy yourself on a rainy day. Keep things light after the meal with a glass of Copper Ridge Chardonnay. This spirit exhibits a creamy and lingering finish to contrast the strong flavors of the Salpicao. This drink is all about finding the balance between acidity and sweetness in a glass. 

7. Beef Kaldereta x Luccarelli Bianco Puglia 750ml

Luccarelli Bianco Puglia

Beef Kaldereta is a true Filipino ulam that is known in most households around the country. The sweetness of the tomato sauce and the tender beef flavor is a match for this local stew accompanied by chunks of potatoes and carrots. Drench the sauce over a hot plate of rice and it would be a perfect meal at any time. This classic Filipino delicacy paired with Luccarelli Bianco Puglia’s golden spirit is an elegant experience during this rainy season. This spirit manifests notes of mandarin, peach, and passion fruit. The persistent aroma of this bottle soothes the dining experience that matches the cool breeze of the rainy season. 

As we enter the rainy season, it’s important to always stay safe and enjoy the little things in life. Having a simple meal and a drink with our loved ones can be a memorable yet modest way to create new memories worth remembering. Never underestimate what a cool weather and a glass of the finest spirits can do to your meals at home.