Pairing these Highly-Anticipated NBA Games with Boozy Deals

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NBA Games with Boozy Deals
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After almost three months of absence, the NBA is back with another exciting regular season that is sure to thrill basketball fans everywhere. While defending champion Milwaukee Bucks is eager to defend their title, there are other contenders that are also vying for the Larry O’Brien trophy. Starting this month, all teams begin their 2021-2022 campaign in the hopes of reaching the playoffs.

Aside from more games, a new season also brings with it new players as well as new and revamped jerseys for some of the league’s teams. Some of these jerseys are entirely new, while they could be retro jerseys that nod to a team’s history, such as the Golden State Warriors’ blue “Origin” jerseys that pay tribute to their past as the Philadelphia Warriors. 

But some regular-season games are bound to be better than others, whether it’s because of the teams competing, the talent level of their players, or their history against each other. Here are eight of the most anticipated games of the regular season, which are paired with some of the best deals on Boozy to make your NBA viewing experience even better: 

1. Lakers vs. Nets (December 26) -
Hennessy VS 700ml Bundle of 2 + FREE NBA Store Voucher (P500 pesos worth)

Lakers vs. Nets (December 26)

Image from the NBA

With more than forty eaux-de-vie or brandy parcels from the best growing areas in the Cognac region in France, the Hennessy VS is a complex blend and a quality drink. Aside from its recognizable medium amber color, it has fine aromas of sweet fruit, honey, caramel, cloves, and nuts as well as round and smooth palate with flavors of orange peel, prune, and vanilla and a long, lingering finish. The Hennessy VS can be ordered in a bundle of two bottles on Boozy, which comes with a free P500 voucher for the NBA Store to buy merchandise from your favorite teams. 

If the Hennessy VS is a collection of the best brandy parcels, the Christmas Day game between the LA Lakers and the Brooklyn Nets also promises to be a collection of the best talent in the league today. While the Lakers boast All-Stars LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and Russell Westbrook, the Nets also have a lot of firepower and a Big Three of their own with Kevin Durant, James Harden, and Kyrie Irving. These two teams are considered to be title contenders even before the season tipped off, and their battle on December 26 should be circled on every NBA fan’s calendar. 

2. Warriors vs. Nets (November 17) - Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple 700ml

Warriors vs. Nets (November 17)

Image from the Golden State of Mind

The Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple is a new offering from Jack Daniel’s and a departure from their classic whisky. But with a bold, refreshing, and exceptionally smooth taste, it still retains its superior quality. This blend is made with real crisp green apples combined with the iconic Old No. 7 Tennessee Whisky for a fresh and rewarding taste. 

Before joining the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant was a member of the Golden State Warriors, winning two titles and two Finals MVPs with the Dubs before his departure in 2019. He returns to face former teammates Steph Curry, Draymond Green, and the rest of the Warriors on November 17 in what should be an exciting game. There’s a bit of the old and a bit of the new in this game in a battle between former teammates, which is similar to the high-quality drink that is the Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Apple. 

3. Celtics vs. Lakers (December 8) - Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml Bundle of 2 + FREE Apron

Celtics vs. Lakers (December 8)

Image from Complex Sports

If there’s one word that could be used to describe the Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon, it has to be ‘classic.’ With a vibrant, rich, and velvety taste and notes of juicy blackcurrants, sweet mocha, and spicy, this wine is perfect to pair with almost any activity whether you are alone with family and friends, such as watching thrilling NBA regular-season games. Buying the Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon on Boozy also gives customers a bundle of two bottles plus a free apron, which can be used to keep yourself clean when in the kitchen or when watching one of the most intense and heated rivalries in all of sports. 

While there are many rivalries throughout the NBA’s 75 seasons, only one has survived through the years and stood above all others and has also become a classic - the LA Lakers versus the Boston Celtics. From Magic Johnson and Larry Bird to Kobe Bryant and the Celtics’ Big Three of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen, this rivalry has never lacked in star power. Young players Jayson Tatum and Jaylen Brown have carried the torch for the Celtics as they look to pull off an upset against the Lakers of James, Davis, and Westbrook. A classic game like this will be best appreciated with a classic wine like the Yellow Tail Cabernet Sauvignon.

4. Jazz vs. Mavericks (December 26) - Casillero Del Diablo Carmenere Reserva 19 750ml

Jazz vs. Mavericks (December 26)

Image from Reddit

The Casillero Del Diablo Carmenere Reserva is another premium drink that is both smooth and delicate and has intense colors and smooth, round tannins. It has attractive aromas of black currant and chocolate and is ideal to be paired with aged cheese and perfect for almost any occasion. 

The NBA usually includes the best teams in its lineup of Christmas Day games, and the Utah Jazz and Dallas Mavericks are no exception. The Jazz had the NBA’s best regular season record last season and are still expected to be a title contender with Donovan Mitchell, Rudy Gobert, and sixth man Jordan Clarkson, while the Mavericks will go as far as MVP favorite Luka Doncic can take them. This game is sure to be an exciting one, and watching it with a drink in hand like the Casillero Del Diablo Carmenere Reserva will only enhance the experience of watching it.

5. Rockets vs. Jazz (October 29) - Tarsier Dry Gin 700ml

Rockets vs. Jazz (October 29)

Image from Inquirer,net

The Tarsier Dry Gin draws influences from all over Southeast Asia, specifically the cuisine of the Philippines, Cambodia, Vietnam, and Thailand. With a mix of calamansi, Thai sweet basil, galangal, and pink and black Kampot Pepper, this drink is a combination of the cuisines and cultures of several countries. It takes its name from the Tarsier, one of the world’s smallest primates, with 10% of its sales going to conservation guide schemes in Southeasia Asia that help protect the endangered tarsier. Not only will drinkers get to enjoy a premium gin, they also will help protect this animal and enjoy a taste of the culture of Southeast Asian countries!

With the Philippines being a basketball-obsessed country, Filipino-Americans like Jordan Clarkson and 2021 second overall pick Jalen Green are showcasing the talent of Pinoys in the sport that they love. These two talented players with cross paths when the Utah Jazz take on the Houston Rockets on October 29, with the Rockets hosting a “Filipino Heritage Night” in Houston. What’s a more perfect way to celebrate the talent of Filipinos in the NBA than by having a drink that draws an influence from Philippine cuisine? 

6. Knicks vs. Hawks (March 23) - Yellow Tail Bubbles Sparking Rose Wine 750ml

Knicks vs. Hawks (March 23)

Image from Sports Book Wire

The Yellow Tail Bubbling Sparkling Rose Wine is a drink that is sure to brighten up your day with its bubbly and refreshing taste. With notes of strawberry and red cherry with a hint of lemon, this wine is perfect to be enjoyed with the likes of fruit salads or gelato. 

The NBA game which should provide the perfect contrast to the bubbly and refreshing Yellow Tail Bubbling Sparkling Rose Wine is definitely the latest chapter in the brewing rivalry between the New York Knicks and Atlanta Hawks. This game will take place on March 23, and should feature a lot of talent, from Knicks forward Julius Randle to Hawks guard Trae Young. Since their first-round series in the playoffs earlier this year, these young, rising teams have become rivals, and their latest chapter is sure to be intense, which is the perfect opposite of this sparkling wine.

7. Heat vs. Raptors (February 4) - Boom Boom Syrah 2017, Columbia Valley

Heat vs. Raptors (February 4

Image from the Miami Herald 

As its name suggests, the Boom Boom Syrah 2017 promises a lot of spice. With explosive aromas and mouth-filling and rich flavors, this drink is guaranteed to satisfy. The Boom Boom Syrah 2017 is fresh, smooth, and luscious with blackberry notes and a tangy, well-balanced style, and this wine pairs well with grilled red meats.

An NBA player facing his former team for the first time is always bound to be explosive and provide a lot of spice, and the same is the case for Miami Heat guard Kyle Lowry’s return to Toronto to face his former team. Lowry played his best years with the Raptors and helped them win a title in 2019, and is sure to receive a warm welcome from the Toronto fans. Aside from Lowry’s return, All-Stars Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo will also face the likes of Pascal Siakam and Fred VanVleet in what is sure to be an explosive game. 

8. Bucks vs. Suns (March 7) - BenRiach The Smoky Twelve 700ml

Bucks vs. Suns (March 7)

Image from the NY Post

BenRiach, The Smoky Twelve is a product of a meticulous process that involves combining unpeated and plated spirit and three casks, which are then matured for at least a dozen years in bourbon barrels, sherry casks, and Marsala wine casks. The result of this is a premium drink that is a smooth, creamy malt. 

If this drink is the result of a years-long process, the same could be said of the NBA Finals earlier this year, which saw the Milwaukee Bucks and Phoenix Suns battle to end a long championship drought for both franchises. The Bucks ended up winning, but the Suns have a chance at revenge when the teams meet on March 7. The Finals rematch will not lack in star power with Giannis Antetokoumnpo and Khris Middleton leading the Bucks, and Chris Paul and Devin Booker starring for the Suns. A high-quality match between two contenders can best be enjoyed with a smooth, creamy drink like the BenRiach Smoky Twelve. 

There’s no shortage of exciting games as the NBA’s 75th season tips off. Whether it’s rivalries being renewed, title favorites battling each other, and players returning to face their former teams, these games are bound to be filled with interesting stories, drama, and of course, top-notch basketball. And what better way to enjoy these games than by having a drink in hand, which you can get on friendly deals from Boozy!