MUST-PAIR: Boozy's Top Rums with New Netflix Movies & Shows

Article published at: 2022年8月15日 Article tag: featured-posts
MUST-PAIR: Boozy's Top Rums with New Netflix Movies & Shows
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Whether you enjoy drinking them neat, iced, or in cocktails, rums are one of the best types of spirits that you can try if you enjoy a quality drink. Rums are produced in nearly every region in the world that produces sugar and is known for having different grades, such as the light, golden, and dark varieties. 

If you’re in the mood to try any of the different rums, Boozy has a large selection of some of the best rums from all over the world. Here are some of these rums, which are paired with some of the best films and TV shows that you can watch on Netflix right now: 


The Sandman

1. The Sandman - Don Papa 7yo 700ml

Since the Philippines is also a country that’s rich in sugar, it is also home to different types of rum, such as the Don Papa. This is a premium, single-island rum created on the foothills of Mt. Kanlaon, which is home to the country’s finest sugarcane.

Don Papa

The Don Papa is blended to perfection before the rum comes together like magic in a bottle, with light and fruity aromas, smooth and delicate taste, and a long, texture finish. While enjoying a premium rum with a magical taste, why not enjoy a Netflix show that also takes viewers into a world of fantasy and magic? Based on Neil Gaiman’s critically-acclaimed graphic novels, The Sandman is the story of Morpheus, the King of Dreams, who escapes after many years of imprisonment and goes on a journey to restore his power and rebuild his kingdom. 


2 Good 2 Be True

2. 2 Good 2 Be True - Zabana White Rum 700ml

The Zabana Blanco is yet another bold rum from the Philippines, a lightly aged rum that artfully expresses the combined flavors of vanilla plus the sharpness of this rum.

Zabana White Rum

It’s an exciting rum that showcases the best flavors of the Philippines, and is best paired with a Netflix show featuring one of the country’s best love teams, 2 Good 2 Be True. Starring Daniel Padilla and Kathryn Bernardo, 2 Good 2 Be True is about car mechanic Eloy and nurse Ali and their encounters that bloom into romance.


Day Shift


3. Day Shift - Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold 750ml

The Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold combines a secret recipe of adventurous spice and natural flavors that are blended with fine Caribbean rum.

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold

This premium drink is then aged in white oak barrels, creating a perfectly balanced spirit with notes of rich vanilla, brown sugar, dried fruit, and more that combine to create a smooth finish. Meanwhile, a Netflix show that is also a perfect balance of action and comedy is Day Shift, which stars Jamie Foxx as a vampire hunter in Los Angeles who needs money to pay for his child’s needs, and is a perfect pairing to this refreshing drink. 


Never Have I Ever

4. Never Have I Ever - Diplomatico Rum Mantuano 700ml

The history of Diplomatico began in Venezuela, but has since expanded to the rest of the world, as it is now known as one of the finest rums.

Diplomatico Rum Mantuano

With aromas of dried plums, oak, and a delicate spiciness, the Diplomatico Rum Mantuano is complex and well-balanced on the palate, as it also includes flavors of dried fruits, wood, and vanilla. A Netflix show that also offers different flavors and will go well with this rum is Never Have I Ever, which is created by actress and comedian Mindy Kaling. The show, which is a coming of age comedy-drama, is about an Indian-American teenager named Devi, who wants to improve her social status, although her friends, family and her own feelings make it a challenge. The show's blend of humor and drama is a perfect companion for a premium drink like the Diplomatico Rum Mantuano. 


Spider-Man: No Way Home

5. Spider-Man: No Way Home - Plantation Original Dark Rum 700ml

The Plantation Original Dark Rum combines the rich and intense styles of Jamaica and Barbados, with notes of plum, banana, and vanilla, and is enhanced by meticulous blending and maturation.

Plantation Original Dark Rum

The resulting drink is a profound structure spiced with notes of cinnamon and close, along with qualities of pecan and tropical fruit that make it an ideal companion for cocktails. 

And while enjoying this drink, revisit one of the year’s biggest films in Spider-Man: No Way Home, which is now available for streaming on Netflix. One of the most recent chapters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Spider-Man: No Way Home tells the story of how Spider-Man (played by Tom Holland) asks Doctor Strange (played by Benedict Cumberbatch) to use magic to restore his secret identity as Peter Parker, which has disastrous results. The latest Spider-Man film is another enjoyable ride, just like a drink of the Plantation Original Dark Rum.


Alchemy of Souls

6. Alchemy of Souls - Phraya Rum 750ml

Known as the only luxury rum in Asia, it’s no surprise that Phraya Rum is also considered to be among the world’s finest. This drink is distilled, aged, blended, and bottled in Thailand, and its deep maturation technique draws an enticing, exotic taste for the palate, as the Phraya Rum reflects Thailand’s history and culture aside from being a top-notch spirit. 

Phraya Rum

One Netflix show that is also rich in culture and history along with a mix of fantasy is Alchemy of Souls, which is an ongoing South Korean TV series. The show centers on the love and growth of young mages in the fictional country of Daeho, as these characters deal with a magic spell called “alchemy of souls,” which mysteriously allows souls to switch bodies. 


The First Nanny


7. The First Nanny - Mekhong Rum 700ml

Aside from the Phraya Rum, the Mekhong Rum is also a premium rum from Thailand. It is a celebrated Thai spirit, with a classic taste stemming from distilled molasses and glutinous rice, which is then blended with a secret recipe of natural Thai herbs and spices to create a premium drink. 

Mekhong Rum

While enjoying this fine Thai spirit, you can enjoy another television show from the Philippines, The First Nanny, which stars Sanya Lopez and Gabby Concepcion. The show’s story is about a young woman who is turned upside down after she becomes a nanny to the children of the Philippine vice president. A show that seamlessly blends humor, drama, and romance is certainly a perfect pairing to one of the finest rums that Thailand has to offer. 

Whether you enjoy rums from the Philippines, Thailand, the Caribbean, or other regions from around the world, you can find and easily enjoy most of them through Boozy while enjoying some of the best shows that Netflix has to offer.