Movie Nights with Boozy’s Top Deals and WeTV Films & Shows

Article published at: 2021年10月20日 Article tag: featured-posts
Movie Nights with Boozy’s Top Deals
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Streaming films and shows while enjoying your favorite drinks at home has been a favorite pastime to most of us especially during the pandemic. As we approach the end of another hectic month, let us not forget to relax and unwind whether it’s with the people we care about the most or just by our awesome selves. So dim the lights, pour a glass, and roll the films as boozy takes you to a movie night that you won’t forget.

1. Rio Strong Bundle of 12 330ml x BetCin


Image from WeTV

Enjoy different flavors with the same refreshing vibe with Rio Strong Bundle of 12 from Boozy. It’s the same signature strong beer with fresh fruity notes on every sip. Experience peach, calamansi, lemon, and grapefruit with a cool kick. Start your Rio Strong experience with the hit girls’ love series BetCin. The story revolves around Beth and Cindy as they try to keep their relationship intact amidst the age of heavy pressure from social media and online websites. Will they crumble to society’s expectations or will their love be as strong as Rio’s Strong Bundle? Catch the new episodes of BetCin every Friday at 8pm to find out! 

2. Jacob's Creek Cabernet Sauvignon 750ml x Beauty And The Boss S1 (All episodes are free to watch)

Beauty And The Boss S1

Image from WeTV

Fall in love with Jacob’s Creek Carbenet Sauvignon’s red and dark berry fruit notes. This classic bottle of wine has balanced acidity and smoothly structured tannins. This bottle will definitely keep you in the mood for the love story of Rafa and Stella in the rom-com series, Beauty and The Boss. Rafa decides to start his own cafe and Stella is his star employee. Will the stressful work environment and judgment from other people hinder this relationship to blossom? Stream now and see how love will persevere as you pour your next glass of wine. 

3. Belvedere Mixology Set 700ml x Section St. Valentine: The Disappearance of Divine (All episodes are free to watch)

Section St. Valentine

Image from WeTV

Experience the world’s first super-premium vodka with the Belvedere Mixology set. It is distilled from the finest Dankowskie Gold Rye. A true expression of luxury with every sip. It may be as divine as one of the main characters of Section St. Valentine, Divine Concepcion. The story revolves around the disappearance of a high school student as she goes missing during her online classes at Manila International School. This vodka and show pairing will surely keep you at the edge of your seat, literally and figuratively. 

4. Emperador Coffee Brandy 750ml x B&B: The Story of the Battle of Brody & Brandy (All episodes are free to watch)

B&B: The Story of the Battle of Brody & Brandy

Image from WeTV

Here’s a treat for all coffee lovers out there. Emperador’s signature smooth brandy comes with a twist, with the new Coffee Brandy flavor. It’s may be paired with sweet and savory meals but it is best paired with the love story of Brody and Brandy. Watch as these two Bed and Breakfast owners compete against each other to keep their respective businesses alive only to find out that they are slowly falling for each other.  

5. Jack Daniel's - American Tennessee Honey Whiskey - 700ml x Boyfriend No.13 (All episodes are free to watch)

Boyfriend No.13

Image from WeTV

Jack Daniel’s innovates its classic American Tennessee Whiskey with its Honey Whiskey flavor. It contains that signature spicy whiskey flavor but is contracted with the sweet soothing notes of honey. Jack Daniel’s creates another favorite with this combination of sweet and spicy, just like Kim in Boyfriend No. 13. It’s a bittersweet ride for the superstitious Kim as she starts falling for Don, her would be 13th boyfriend. She battles with her heart and her belief in bad luck throughout the series. One thing’s for sure, she’ll definitely get lucky with the Honey Whiskey that you can get from Boozy.


6. Tanqueray Sevilla 1L (Buy 1, Take 1)  x Pasabuy 



Image from WeTV

Tanqueray’s signature cool and crisp gin takes a different kind of flavor with the Sevilla. A more colorful and citrus approach to the classic that we all know and love for our gin and tonic is here with a new twist. Indulge in Tanqueray Sevilla’s bittersweet taste with hints of Seville oranges surely hits the spot for your movie night while watching the quirky rom-com feature of Pasabuy. The story revolves around the idea of love in a lockdown scenario. Can strangers fall in love in a unique circumstance or will their fears get the best of them? Pour down a shot and let’s find out as we anticipate new episodes every Friday at 7pm of the rom-com series, Pasabuy.

Discovering new flavors with boozy and new stories in WeTV seems like a great idea to end the month. We get to share new shows and new drinks that will lead to new memories with ourselves and our loved ones. Destressing has never been this simple yet so fun right at the safety and comfort of your own home, made possible by Boozy and WeTV.