If These YOU Characters were Boozy Drinks...

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If These YOU Characters were Boozy Drinks...
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Obsessing over one of the must-see shows on Netflix with Boozy’s must-try drinks seems to be a perfect way to spend your time at home. As the much-awaited return of the hit series, You comes back for its 3rd season, let Boozy be your movie date as the binging continues. We hope Joe Goldberg doesn’t mind sharing you with us this time! Before the season starts here’s a quick recap of the characters you should expect to return for season 3 with a twist, care of Boozy’s top drinks.

1. Joe Goldberg x Jose Cuervo Gold 1L 

Joe Goldberg

Image from IMDb

Strong, passionate, and exciting. These words describe both Joe Goldberg and the best tequila in town, Jose Cuervo Gold. Our protagonist returns to your screens only this time with a plus one, his child with Love. The whole series revolves around the development and actions of Joe who wants to connect despite his eventful past. The story heats up because of his choices during desperate situations just like a bottle of Cuervo heats up your “inumans” with your friends. 

2. Love Quinn x Tanqueray 750ml 

Love Quinn

Image from IMDb

Tanqueray’s clean and crisp flavor is a must-have for dinner dates or just drinking out with friends. This spirit is the perfect partner with tonic water for that G&T combo you’ve been craving, just like how Love Quinn is the perfect partner for our Joe. With Love, you never know what side you will get. She’s full of surprises but one thing’s for sure she has Joe always at heart. With Tanqueray you’ll never know which side you’ll get, is it neat or is it mixed as a G&T? One thing’s for sure, you’ll end up loving it. 

3. Guinevere Beck x Absolut Blue 1L 

Guinevere Beck

Image from IMDb

As the saying goes, first love never dies. Guinevere Beck, the star and love interest of Joe during season 1 still plays a heavy role in his development as a character. Although season 1 has ended, Guinevere Beck’s impact on Joe’s life still comes back to play a part in his story. Just like how Absolut Blue always makes a return in every party or gathering that we have. It’s clean, crisp, and citrus. This spirit can be mixed with fruit-flavored drinks to enhance full flavor. 

4. Forty Quinn x Bombay Sapphire 750ml 

Forty Quinn

Image from IMDb

Zesty-citrus shots of Bombay Sapphire are an exotic way to get your night out started. Like Forty, Bombay is the perfect drinking companion whenever you’re with your friends and family. Forty has been a close twin brother to Love and has stood by her side. This pairing is a perfect companion for friends and family on any occasion. 

5. Delilah Alves x Kanto Salted Caramel Vodka 700ml 

Delilah Alves

Image from IMDb

Kanto Salted Caramel is a local take on an internationally recognized spirit in vodka. The flavor of sweet and rich caramel mixed with the crisp and smooth taste of vodka is a match made in heaven. It screams innovation while staying true to your roots. Delilah Alvez as an investigative reporter stayed true to herself and her beliefs in the hopes of protecting her younger sister. 

6. Candace Stone x Hendrick's 700ml

Candace Stone


Image from IMDb

Hendrick’s iconic bottle shape and classic flavor are definitely known to most drinkers. The infused cucumber and rose petals extract the flavor from the gin that makes it a classic to most. The look, the taste, and the appeal of this bottle is timeless, just like Candace Stone, Joe’s ex-girlfriend. She comes back in season 2 to get even with Joe and gives a powerful kick to his plans of becoming happy with his relationship. This pairing is a couple with a kick that will surely spice up your You marathon with your loved ones. 

7. Henderson x Don Papa Masskara Spiced Rum - Philippine Spiced Rum - 700ml


Image from IMDb

Inspired by the colorful, vibrant, and energetic scene of the Masskara Festival in Bacolod, the Don Papa gives that same vibe in every sip of their Philippine Spiced Rum. It’s smooth and fruity with notes of honey and citrus hints. Just like the colorful life of the famous comedian Henderson, the Don Papa is definitely a bottle worth saving for special occasions. Henderson knows how to party and so does the Don Papa. 

Different characters, different backgrounds, and different flavors. There is a wide variety of choices from Boozy but it all boils down to what you love. Choosing your drink can just be as important as choosing the people you spend your life with and Joe would agree.