How to Evaluate, Smell, and Savor your Wine like an Expert!

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Evaluate Wine like an Expert
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We all like to gram our wine nights (hashtag wine o’ clock!) or enjoy wine served during events like weddings and parties. Some of us may find joy in hanging out with our friends at nice and fancy restaurants while eating some good food paired with great wine. Wine drinking is an enjoyable experience. Once we learn how to properly taste wine like a pro, this experience could be elevated into a whole new level. Do you know those sophisticated wine connoisseurs who like to swirl, sniff, and call out names of their wine? We’re talking about that level of experience! 

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Just like any skill in life, it’s easy to learn wine tasting as long as we make time to do our research. It’s a useful skill to learn because learning this would allow us to enjoy the depth of wine – the tiny details we used to not know about. Wine is a multifaceted drink and when we learn how to properly taste our wine, we will be able to appreciate this experience more. We will give you a step by step guide on how to smell, evaluate, and taste wine like an expert. We have come up with the ultimate guide to help us elevate our wine tasting in this article! There are six steps included in the guide: look and visualize, smell, taste, savor, serving, and food pairing.


Did you know that the lighting plays a vital role in the wine tasting experience? The first step of wine tasting is actually looking at your wine. This article will show you a color guide on how to draw some clues on the wine’s origin and winemaking technique. We will also teach you how to properly evaluate your wine by swirling and smelling tasting your wine (like a pro!). Lastly, we have included some ideas on which asian cuisines could be best paired with wine.


Wine Tasting Boozy Guide


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