Hennessy and NBA's Game Never Stops Court in the Philippines

Article published at: 2022年11月2日
Hennessy and NBA's Game Never Stops Court in the Philippines
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 Hennessy big ball

Manila, Philippines, October 15, 2022 – Basketball is a sport deeply ingrained within Philippine culture, played and appreciated by Filipinos from all walks of life. The sport transcends generations, social classes and backgrounds, with Pinoys finding ingenious ways to watch and play games, whether on their screens or in the streets.

 Basketball and Hennessy

The Pinoys’ love for basketball is evident in the NBA’s popularity in the Philippines – more than 26.2 million Filipinos are fans of the league (Source: YouGov). Basketball is not just a sport for Filipinos but a way of life ingrained in the local culture, which is what the Hennessy and NBA collaboration is about. Both Hennessy and the NBA represent different communities but leverage the power of sport to bring people together and promote camaraderie among its fans.

 Hennessy’s latest campaign “Game Never Stops”

This year, Hennessy’s latest campaign “Game Never Stops” celebrates basketball’s cultural influence on and off the court. Part of this campaign is the series of iconic court settings around the world that launched in May 2021 with a takeover of Bondi’s Icebergs Ocean Pool. As part of the next iteration of the iconic court series, Hennessy unveiled the Game Never Stops pop-up court in the Philippines at 5th Avenue in Fort Bonifacio Global City (BGC) from Oct. 15-16.

 Hennessy and basketball uniform

The two-day event was a re-imagination of Filipinos’ love for basketball that showcased how the game transcended beyond the four corners of the court, bringing together hoops, art, lifestyle, music, and Hennessy to deliver a one-of-a-kind fan experience. The pop-up court provided an amazing atmosphere that featured basketball activities including the 2-Ball Challenge, Skills Challenge, 3-point Shootout and Slam Dunk Showcase, which was attended by athletes, celebrities, Hennessy’s trade partners and Filipino fans.

 Basketball jumpshot

Guests ranged from notable basketball players to game changers in fashion and art, who were served with bespoke Hennessy x NBA cocktails such as the “Alley Oop”, “Jumpshot” and “Playmaker”, and the classic Hennessy & Ginger while watching the on-court festivities. The event culminated with a street party that featured Manila’s top DJs and musical performances from local and international artists.

Girl playing basketball with the boys 

“Hennessy’s collaboration with the NBA marked an exciting milestone for the league,” said Managing Director, South East Asia Emerging Markets, Sebastien Vilmot. “We are very delighted to bring this experience to the Philippines and look forward to providing fans a way to celebrate their favorite sport. As a brand, we’re committed to take our enthusiasm for the game beyond the court and create a sense of community among local basketball lovers.”

 Hennessy’s collaboration with the NBA

"Our partnership with Hennessy has been instrumental in reaching and engaging a broader audience across the Asia-Pacific region,” said NBA Asia Head of Global Marketing Partnerships, Events & Basketball Operations Francesco Suarez. “With the Game Never Stops court hosted in one of the liveliest cities in the Philippines, it was exciting to deliver a unique basketball destination that celebrates the game’s influence across art, fashion, lifestyle and music ahead of another highly-anticipated NBA season.”

 Collaboration of Hennessy with the NBA

To  learn  more  about  what  went  down  at  the  event,  visit  the  Hennessy  x  NBA  Microsite: http://spiritofthenba-ph.hennessy.com/. Shop the Hennessy range here: https://boozy.ph/collections/hennessy

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