French Wines to Pair with Your Daft Punk Memory Lane

Article published at: 2021年2月26日 Article tag: featured-posts
French Wines to Pair with Your Daft Punk Memory Lane
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“Like the legend of a phoenix, all ends with beginnings” 

It’s been 28 years (1993-2021) since the
French duo artists, Daft Punk, introduced EDM (Electronic dance music) to the music industry. A lot of us grew up with their all-time favourite songs like “One More Time”, “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger”, “Phoenix”, “Get Lucky”, “Digital Love” and the list goes on.  

“What keeps the planet spinning. The force from the beginning.” is rightly attributed to the legend that Daft Punk established. It’s a bittersweet ending that we can only watch their heartbreaking “Epilogue” video over a glass of wine - of course, while savouring every beat of their legendary songs. 

Wine and Song pairing? Why not! All fans unite as we reminisce their playlist with some of the selected French wines we recommend that we can say are characteristic to their songs - strong, mysterious, bold, worth-savouring, and memorable. 

French wines

1. Château Cap de Fer 

This wine expresses prower and suppleness in its body as it is dominantly Merlot (70%) with Cabernet Sauvignon (20%), and Cabernet Franc (10%) - a classic Bordeaux Blend. It has sharp tannins in its structure leaving a lasting impression.

2. Château La Gravelle 

The ruby color gives an idea of the black and red fruit burst in a whiff of the wine - blackcurrant, cheery, raspberry, blueberry. Like Daft Punk’s way of harmonising several beats in one easy to savor rhythm, so as the generous and supple impression this wine can offer. 

3. Château Routas Viognier 

This wine reminds us of how Daft Punk always reinvent themselves time and time again for over 6 wins and 12 nominations in Grammys in the 23 years of their career. Their songs are as refreshing -- reminiscent of what this wine could offer. This wine has a lot of tropical, citrusy and ripe fruit hints of pear and gooseberry. It has a crisp, lively acidity that makes it perfect for a refreshing chill. 

4. Montrouge Cabernet Sauvignon

This wine is smooth with savory black currant and pepper flavors. It is fresh despite the powerful impression of Cabernet Sauvignon, and full on the palate with good length. Every sip is worth savoring, especially when paired with steak!

Which Daft Punk track/song can you liken to a wine? Would it be a timeless Bordeaux red, zippy light Chardonnay, or a robust, funky Shiraz? Time to start the endless throwback Daft Punk playlist and check out more wines at and remember to drink moderately!